Monday, March 12, 2018

Because I just can't resist them...

 Look at this little smoochy face.

 The dermatologist appointment was successful - look at how much better he looks after ONE DAY.

 Also, teal and pink are his colours!

I stole this baby for a few minutes and he just snuggled - like so content and snuggy and it was perfect. Honestly, of all the things I've don't to recover this year this might have been the most healing.

The next day I took these two rascals to our favourite park.

 Elisabeth was sick, so I dragged her along with us. Poor kid.

McDonalds play centres for the win.


This is probably Elisabeth's last year of dance, so all these pictures are a little bittersweet.

 This was apparently her favourite costume ever. I think if she looked through my dance album on Facebook, she might change her mind. But it really was super cute.

Monday, March 05, 2018

into the forest we go!

Today we went to Redwood Park for a stroll through the forest. It was sooooo cold, but a beautiful morning!

The kids were so excited to be there, we were barely out of the car and they were out and running!

 We found the tree house!

And then we found the fairy houses.

It feels like every time we go there are many many more houses in the forest. The kids loved it!

Ada wanted her picture taken by this pretty house!

 And Ruben loved that this one was a mug!

 They could spend hours running back and forth between the houses.

 And I loved this little vignette.

please be quiet.

 Then we went to the playground!

 Which, I mean, we could have stayed here all day too.

 And then this is when Auntie joined in the fun. But do you know how hard it is to take pictures when you're bouncing up and down?

We were all laughing so hard!

Ruben kicked me off my swing. Which is probably just as well. I'm pretty tired tonight after all that playing.

 He looks so nervous here, but he kept asking to be pushed higher.

We almost made it outta there. But then the kids went running to play by the diggers one last time and Ruben tripped and well...

 Poor little guy.

 We had another nerf battle outside. And then we watched some Rupert Bear.