Sunday, February 18, 2018

The tail end of the visit

 On Friday morning I went to Ikea with Dave. I can't stress enough what a big deal this was for me. Two weeks ago, I nearly died going from one end of Langley to the other (not literally, just the anxiety). Friday I went to a different town and crossed a bridge. This is HUGE progress for me! It was so much fun and so exhausting. Luckily we got there 20 minutes before the store opened, so I kind of snoozed in the cafeteria while Dave talked. Then I pretty much crashed as soon as we got home. Kind of hilarious how exhausting these things are to me now, but I can see so much progress so I'm not complaining!

 Ruben got a hair cut and then he and I watched Cars 3.

Saturday morning he came over for breakfast. I make good breakfast, see?

 Then while Dave loaded up the volvo to head home, Ruben and Elisabeth played outside.

Ruben was very brave and jumped on the trampoline.

 They played with bubles.

 And sidewalk chalk.

 Then jumped some more.

And drew some more.

 And then Ruben tried to show me that you CAN sled on grass.

It didn't go so well.

Then it was time for lunch and then they went home. It's awfully dull around here without them.

Ruben comes to town!

 My favourite 3 year old nephew came to visit. We spent a lot of time picking kids up from school. I like to park beside the dumpsters at David and Elisabeth's school and watch the squirrels. Ruben enjoyed watching them too. In fact, he told me that they were laying eggs in their nests in the trees.

 I was a bit frazzled the first day, and showed up for pick up just over 90 minutes early. After watching the squirrels for a while, we went to pick up a herbal tea for me and some timbits for Ruben. Below is his YUM face.

 Yah, we thought it was pretty hilarious.

 Then I let him drive.
 He really enjoyed playing Elisabeth's pony.

 But the highlight was sledding in the backyard.

I was super impressed; he was a little scared at first, but he quickly decided he needed to try anyway. And then he was a rockstar.

 The next day I took him to Toys R Us, just to hang out.

 Obviously he loved seeing Thomas. He may have asked to bring him home.

 Showing me his favorites.

 Then we found a Thomas bike.

And we drove the battery operated cars (and tractors)

Oh look, winter...

 I'm not complaining, we had such a mild winter. And I'm always happy when it's not raining. I just didn't think we'd get snow this year.

David had his last appointment for a couple weeks. This one was to attach the braces to his exposed  teeth. We got to the Orthodontist and they decided that now that the baby teeth are out, he might not actually need braces to pull them down. That's exactly what I've been praying (and my mum too!)

We celebrated with a smoothie!

 And may have stopped to take some pictures in the snow before heading back to school.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Tommy had band practice in Delta, we dropped him off at this school.

And headed to south Surrey for lunch.

Andrew's Ruben.

David's cinnamon bun.

And Elisabeth's lemon loaf.

And then we found signs of spring.

More signs of spring.
This is one of my favourite houses on the beach.

Since I've been off work, I've been watching a lot HGTV. It's not stressful so it's about as much as I've been able to handle ha ha. One thing I've realized is how much prettier our beach houses are than most of the ones on these beach house hunter shows.

Half my familia.

Sweet cadillac.