Sunday, July 08, 2018

Finally catching up

I'm playing catch-up. I'm trapped at home without a vehicle, and I just spent a week cleaning. So today I will try to catch up on some of the pictures I've been storing forever.

If you want to play catch up too, start at February 19th, though there will be some old posts mixed in with the new...

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Fourth of July golfin tournament

I had the first week of July off. We had big plans to do a lot of chores. But first, GOLF!

Somehow we always pick really, really hot days to do this.

 And we never remember to bring water.

 It was a lot of fun. I was winning, but then I decided it would be funny to throw my ball and cheat. ANnnnnnnnd I lost it.
 Not that she was gleeful over my loss (she wasn't really).

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Camping 2018

Woo hoo! We went camping for the July long weekend!

 I didn't pull out my camera once cause the weather was kinda crappy! But look, here's an iphone pic of Nate doing the traditional BIG breakfast. He cooked our bacon to perfection!

 Camping is all about the reading. PS I didn't die from the smoke and yes I was worried.

 And drinking breakfast.

 And more reading.

We ventured down to the pool in the rain.

 And honestly, they had so much fun (probably more than they would have had at the campsite).

 Since David's donating his hair next week, I thought I'd better document just how long it is!!

The freezing walk back to our site.

 Even in the rain, it's beautiful here.

 Second day in the pool. They decided they would all jump in the water together.

 The boys faked out Elisabeth though.
 Look how funny they think they are.

 Insert heart emojii here.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

More randoms because who knows what's going on with Picasa and my camera these days.

 But seriously, I love it when the family is in town.

 I have so few pictures of mum. Here they are comparing wheel chairs!!

 And some more from at the park.

 David "graduated" from grade 8.

 And my friend Magda sent me some of the pictures she took at our field trip night.

There was a trip to Ikea in there somewhere.

 And Ashlie actually graduated.

 (these kids clean up good!)

Monday, June 25, 2018

In which I explain my long absence

I have so many things to blog about, but I don't have a computer. The one I use belongs to work, which means I'm constantly having to move my pictures from SD card to removable hard drive and then quickly on to here to blog and back off again. If ever I fall behind on my blogging, the process of trying to catch up is so overwhelming I tend to hide from it.  But now we've begun the summery activities and I do want to keep a record of those. Fingers crossed I have some time to sort through things in the upcoming days. Also, this is a good time to make up my mind to save up for my own computer. Maybe that would be good use of my birthday and Christmas money for the next few years.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Penticton Car Show

We went to the Penticton Car Show. I have more pictures on my phone, but here are the camera pictures. I freaking love this car show. I love everything about it. Obviously, I love the cars. I love that it's right on the lake. Even though we never saw a SINGLE ELVIS I love that they're there. Where were all the Elvises this time?!

 Friday night we went down to the water, just me, Andrew, Kandace and Denis and wandered around.

 Then we went back the next day with the kids. I thought I had more pictures, but my memory card is freaking out big time. I hate when they do that.

 After we'd been down to the cars, we went to OK Falls on Saturday night for ice cream.

 Then we sat on one of the big picnic tables under the trees and play Telestrations.

 And ate our ice creams.

 This game is always good for hilarity - I love it.

 Then w stopped at the beach in OK Falls so the two littlest kids could swim and we could play more telestrations.

First our lunatic boys had to jump the little ditch.

 They weren't all that good at it.

 Especially this guy.

 The Gs left early on Sunday morning. We went to Linden Gardens in Kaleden for a snack and the flowers.

 We always stop in Manning Park. OH! Those are the pictures I'm missing. WHERE ARE MY GROUND HOG PICTURES?! Och! I hate when my memory card does this.