Monday, September 25, 2017

Independence Day Shenanigans

We drove home from Penticton and made it to White Rock just in time for the sun set.

We went for a wander along the beach, down to the end of the pier.

 Elisabeth and Griff wanted to bring this log with them.

 We wandered to the end of the pier and watched the crabbers crabbing, and the boat and swimmer traffic.

 After we'd hung out for a while, Kandace texted that she'd arrived. So we headed back to the other end of the beach where were were going to watch the fireworks display.

The kids played on the rocks. Tide was in, but as you'll see, the water was shallow.

 Griff was the first to wander into the water.

 But Lizzie couldn't resist the call of the sirens.

 There they are!

 And finally the sun started to set so we started settling in.

 The fireworks are always fun. Completely different experience than say, symphony of fire, but the whole bay is full of fireworks.

Canada Day weekend in Penticton!

Slowly, but surely I'm going to finish blogging this summer! We were excited to spend the Canada Day weekend in Penticton. I always scour social media and local tourism sites to find out everything that is going on wherever we're going.

Penticton promised a spectacular market day along with other activities all day. So we headed down to the peach, where we found these two mounties posing for pictures with anyone who wanted one. OF COURSE I WANTED PICTURES!

The market wasn't too interesting (since we weren't buying foods and weren't interested in anything else). So we got ice cream instead. After all, it was HOT out!)

 Then of course we had to stop by our favorite bookstore. I think this may have been the time I met the man who is cataloging all the stories of local veterans. We bought a copy because I think that's a noble cause, and some of the stories sounded so interesting.

And then I think we spent the day at the beach. I already blogged about the underwhelming fireworks.

The other highlight of our trip was a visit to the Grist Mill. Grant, my boss, had told me about this place.

They're in the midst of updates and renos and we happened to visit on training day.

So I wouldn't say we had the primo experience, but you could still tell this place is going to be amazing one day soon.

I love interactive exhibits. I hope one day this is a little like Fort Langley. Where you don't just wander around accidentally discovering things, but get the inside scoop thanks to volunteers who love history.

My favorite is always the animals.