Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Adventure Time: Here we go!

For our last few days of spring break, we rented a house in Parksville.

This car was fully loaded and we headed for the ferry. 

Horseshoe Bay is my favourite of the two Vancouver area terminals. It's so pretty.

Our house was ready early so went and dropped our stuff there, then headed to Coombs. 

In all the years I've been going to Coombs, we've only ever done the weird side, then looked at the goats (and the line ups) and left. 

This year we actually walked back along the road behind the market and there's a whole village in there! WHO KNEW?!?

The girls took a lot of selfies which they graciously shared with me.

I still wish I had maskless pictures but at least we have these memories?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

More spring breaking

 I had a neighbor once who obviously thought my love of flowers was deranged. She commented on it a LOT. I still hear her voice occasionally when I plant or buy myself flowers. But I really do love them, they make me happy. So this time of year is my favourite! Everything is coming alive...and Liz and I went in search of blossoms. 

We found some. And oh look how pretty they are with her pink hair!

We also found magnoilias.

Hah! I love this little faux grumpy face.

We had a wind storm earlier this winter and it knocked off the railing on the stairs down to the beach, the wood around the base of the pier (blocking people from sleeping under the pier I think) and one of the posts supporting the pier! I wondered if the City of Whiterock had noticed and actually even tried to get in contact with them but gave up because it was too hard. Months later they finally had tape around the area in question.

We went searching for blooms again but the best we found was this nursery.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Breaking

Looks like these are in reverse order! 

Larry has been working for his aunt - they import goods to China and Larry assists and also models the men's clothes for their site. My girls happened to be at MacArthur Glen on the same day so they had lunch together and sent me some selfies.

Aren't they the cutest?

Elisabeth and I had to go to Abbotsford for an appointment (the first week of spring break was a doozy for appointments!) On the way home we had her first restaurant visit since Covid. Breakfast at Ricky's. 

Rubey Tuesday came over for a quick visit. I finally opened my hotwheels and let him play with them.

I wanted to do as many normal things as I could over spring break - all four of the kids were starting to retreat from us and each other, barely coming out of their bedrooms except to eat dinner and that they were doing pretty much in silence. We bought tickets to the adventure park at Cultus Lake and headed up there for the day. It was so good. Well, kind of boring for me and Andrew except when we played mini golf, but the kids had fun.

After we'd exhausted our time on the rides, we went for a quick walk along the beach. 

I think I already downloaded most of my pictures so these are just the extras, more posts to follow and probably with some duplication!!

Anyway, Victoria and Yume made us dinner one night over spring break. It was delicious!

I had been getting up early every morning to go watch the sunrise. One night at dinner, Victoria asked if I would take them to watch the sun set. I gladly agreed!!

Just down the road from our house is a mini golf. We decided to go play. Since we've been back at work I've heard that this is actually a hard course! LOL That explains a LOT!

I really hate this season of mask wearing. Soon Victoria will be leaving us to go to university and all my pictures of her look like this

Lizzie got up to watch the sunrise with me one morning. As usual she didn't bring a coat, so it was a QUICK jaunt to the end of the pier. Luckily it was not the most spectacular sunrise of the week.

We also went for a walk in our neighborhood to see if we could catch the sunset.

Sunrise with my boy. 

And this pic of liz and Andy cause it's cute.