Friday, May 11, 2018

When the littles come to town

The Rossis were in town for a birthday party. Lucky for us, that meant we got see them too!

 We'd celebrated Larry's birthday that weekend so we had balloons!

 Ada has suddenly gotten very good at posing.

 Just looking at these guys makes me smile.

In my backyard

Rushed to the backyard the other day to capture the apple blossoms before the sun set.

Tulips revisited

I took way to many pictures to edit them all, but I did edit these few. I have lightroom through work, and was able to download the app on my phone. REVOLUTIONARY. Probably lazy, but whatever.

 These are all going on my Instagram account, but I know that Chadya doesn't do social media and maybe one day I'll get my act together and turn this thing into a book (retirement plan?!)

This particular farm doesn't let you wander between the rows, but there are a couple of places where you can fake it. We faked hard.


Liz had wanted to go last year and we couldn't ever make it. This year we had the plague that wouldn't go away. We just barely sneaked in before closing day.

Also, this festival is the less expensive one, and there are no telephone wires to battle. Just saying.

 Plus it's in my old stomping grounds. AND

 They had props.

Next year I'm getting the sun rise season's pass.