Saturday, November 18, 2017

Campbell River: The Long Road Home

We spent four days in Campbell River, but some of that was spent almost entirely at the pool. I didn't bring my camera to the pool!

Before we knew it, it was time to head home :( We headed up to Campbell River for breakfast with Dad and Linda, then we headed North and they headed towards Victoria.

Campbell River is full of beautiful murals. Some are small and you have to keep an eye out for those. Others are massive and you can't help but admire them.

Also, lots of this sort of thing.

I found a beautiful wall, perfect for portraits.

Oh David.

What? Elisabeth acting like she LIKES her brother???

Ah yes, this is more like normal!

I love these laughing whales. They'd be perfect in our island.

We wandered towards the marina. Because, why not?

There were jelly fish in the water!

And then we saw a challenge:

So we went around the dock, and towards the water.

There's a little aquarium right here. They have tanks full of sea creatures which they collect in the spring and release back into the ocean in the fall. We really wanted to explore it, but settled for peering into the ocean.

I think I spend too much time taking pictures so then they get bored and start making these weird poses. It's hilariously weird.

I love it.

Oh look, I was on this trip!

Back in those chairs :)

And then we were back to wandering. I love this particular mural.

We wandered up and down the main street along the marina. There wasn't really time for stores or grand exploring, but we did get some sense of the area. I'd go back again in a heart beat.

As I mentioned before, we decided to head north. I'd heard of a park with a suspension bridge, and it was n't too far away so we thought it would be worth a detour.

That's the other thing about this area. There are so many carvings everywhere. Really cool.

And the trees are just wonderful. Can you imagine winter here?

We followed this trail into the woods.

Oh yeah. Elk Falls Provincial Park. In case you want to visit here yoruself.

Eventually, we came to this bridge and the pipes - for electricity I think.

So we crossed this little bridge and wandered right back into the forest.

I have no idea why they decided to shake their butts at me. Some people!

Thank you. That's much better.

Okay, obviously we lingered on the bridge for a while. It was really interesting. But we had a suspension bridge to find!

We finally found the falls.

And the bridge. So tell me this. Why is Capilano Bridge so easy for me, and this bridge was so terrifying?

Maybe because the bridge itself was see through?

They didn't seem at all bothered. It took me ages to work up the courage to go across. And even then, only because another tourist goaded me into it!

Looking back at the forest from which we came.

And down at the rock and water.

We climbed around to get a few different views. This park has been upgraded recently and it was really lovely.

Finally time to start heading towards the ferry terminal. We took the Old Island Highway which follows the coast more closely. Hoping to find interesting spots along the way.

We did find this oyster farm.

There were signs all over, warning us not to harvest the oysters. So we mostly just looked.

Hmn, nope, it's really hard to pry these open.

Lots of traps out along the water, and the ground was covered in the shells.

Andrew decided to show the kids what was inside an oyster.

I didn't want to get arrested, so I looked at the interesting fauna instead.

And finally we moved on. I started to get annoyed at how boring the highway was. And slow. We'd bypassed all the places I'd planned for us to stop, and there really wasn't much to look at. I threw a hissy fit and we stopped here to figure things out.

It was really pretty.

Lizzie, calling for help. "Someone rescue me from this mad woman."

There was nothing for it. We made our way to Parksville. The beach is different again from all the other spots we stopped.

If only we'd had a kite.

Not many sea creatures though.

And from here it was that mad rush to the ferry. We only got lost once, and made it home almost in one piece. Great trip!