Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Tinker!

Andrew has been sick for almost two weeks. I thought that after all this time the rest of us had escaped his miserable cold. But the kids started coming down with symptoms a couple of days ago, and today I can tell I need to up my garlic consumption considerably!

Elisabeth has the cutest little scratchy voice. But she's a trooper. She still cooked supper for us tonight.

I love this outfit. It was Jadeybug's. Ever since I put it on her this morning I've been feeling very grateful to my wonderful sister and to Tash for passing such gorgeous clothes on for Tink. Thank you!

Tink didn't want dinner. So while we ate, she wandered around upstairs. And came down looking like this. heh heh heh.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Elisabeth and I have a little routine we practice in the morning. While I'm doing my hair she comes in and works on her makeup. This morning was no different. Well, except that she asked for curlers in her hair too. Curlers on, she got started with the eyeliner (you can see it in this picture below...the pink stuff on the bottoms of her cheeks.) Then she added white eyeliner to her upper cheeks/under her eyes. Then it was time for mascara:

After each layer of goop, she would exclaim, "I look beautiful!"

Then she found some lip balm. I showed her the lipstick instead...she immediately aimed for her eyes with the lipstick, so I had to show her how to put it on...

"hmn, is it enough? A little more?..."


I managed to remove about 2/3s of the makeup without her crying. The rest of it she wore all day. Luckily, I was at work so it was Andrew who had to go out and about with her.

My brother thinks Elisabeth should be a silent movie star. You can catch some of her melodrama (she's really good with the hand drama) in this picture:

Oh yeah, such a drama queen :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The last few days

Elisabeth has this crazy fine hair. She comes by it honestly; mine is fine too. If you don't condition it with conditioner (as opposed to 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner) every time you wash it, it's a rats nest the next day. This was one of those days. So before we left the house she had a quick dip in the laundry room sink. She thought it was hilarious.

Andrew has been sick for the last week and a half. Saturday was gorgeous so I felt like I should tackle some yard work. While I tried to reclaim some of our yard from the blackberries, the kids played in the sand, erm, ice box.

While I was looking for a wheel barrow, I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures of Jade for her fifth birthday. Being as it was so gorgeous, I went to see if Kathi and Jade were around. They were, I took pictures. They're on Facebook...

Later, we went to the playground to burn off some more steam. It was cold, but beautiful.

Sunday I had a party lite party to go to. Afterwards I dragged my family out for a drive through Fort Langley. Look at all the snow!

This is what the view out my kitchen window was like this morning.

Elisabeth was pretty excited about the snow.

So we built a snow man! The snow was perfect for snowballs.

Davey was having trouble with his socks falling down. Here he's crying because Randall came over to smell his feet. Davey thought Randall was going to eat them.

Here's Randall...he doesn't like snow much.

As Davey asked this afternoon, "How do you like our invitable snowman?"


So. The snow was fun. We enjoyed having one last go at playing in it. Now spring can come :)

Oh hey, doesn't this tree look like an owl?!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

There's more snow in the forecast...

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yesterday Tink and I decided to see if the roads were clear/non slippery enough to walk to the school. Sure enough, there were only a few places where I actually had to walk in the road, and with the stroller it didn't matter if there were a few occasional slippery patches. It was SO nice to be out in the fresh air again.

Davey was excited to be walking home and thought I should take his picture. Fortuitously, I had packed the camera.

We spent some time at Grandma's house, then ran a few errands. Then we stopped at the park. Davey didn't even remember having been there before. Even though Grosspapa took him last fall.

I remember when Davey was too scared even to try this part of the playground. Yesterday he zoomed across so fast I could hardly get a picture. Wow.

Here's the baseball field behind our house.

Tink's favorite was the slide. She loved climbing up this thing.

I brought them over to the wooden bleachers, hoping to get some close ups with the wood as a backdrop. But when they saw the bleachers they decided I was going to ge a show.

This is Davey drumming/singing and Tink playing guitar and singing.

Now Davey's singing while Tink tries out some dance moves. I told you she's been paying close attention to those Gap ads...

And sitting in the snow in the parking lot.