Thursday, August 30, 2007

This morning we decided to head to the river again. It was really hot already so we threw on some swim suits.

Here's Tinky feeding Seth some stones. "Try it, it's DELISH!"

"muah hah hah. That's payback for the timbit incident of the other day!"

Meanwhile, Davey went in search of Riley. Where did she go??

Hmn, that looks like her.

But I don't think I like it in here!!

Usually the water comes all the way up to the sandy bank. That's why the stones are this weird gray colour. And the water was the perfect depth and stillness for wading in.


Frohliche Geburtstag Grossi!
viele liebe grusse und kusse von Canada

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This afternoon after lunch we headed outside for a walk. As soon as I got them on the ground outside, both kids took off running.

I finally herded them across the road and over to our "secret" path. Davey loves this cause he can look in everyone's backyards. He's such an old man ;oP

We walked all the way to the end of the cul-de-sac then down another trail. Tink was a trooper.

Here's a close up of Davey enjoying this yard's edging. Made a great race track for his Lightning McQueen car!

Down another secret trail...

By this time, the kids were so excited they needed a break. Tink sat on the sidewalk,

Davey had a nap in the road.

Then Tink decided to try to steal some mail...

Just Another Manic Tuesday

Yesterday we headed to mum's house. Davey wanted to go to the beach, and truth be told, so did I. But it just wasn't a good day for it. Tink fell asleep moments before we arrived at granny's.

Davey finally let me put a pony in his hair. His hair is actually very long (for him) but because it's got so much curl in it, it looks quite short when freshly washed and waves into a 'style' the rest of the time. I'm so not cutting it yet! It took too long to get to this stage.

Hey! It's Aunty Kat!!

Jadey the car shark playing with Uncle Dave.

Yesterday evening we headed to the Rotary Trail for dinner. They're doing some work on the head of the trail so there was some cool machinery for Davey to get chased by:

There were also some people kayaking in the river just behind Davey here. I think it must have been lessons. Looked like a LOT of fun anyway!

I've been getting worried lately that Davey's getting too lazy to walk. We always have the double stroller when I go for walks and he doesn't like to get out of it. But last night he loved running up and down the trail. So I guess it's just a matter of getting out somewhere fun?

There's a new video on the video page - click on the links to the right to watch it.

Andrew's parents arrive in town tomorrow so Andrew is taking two weeks of work (YAY! Finally some time off that isn't devoted to yardwork or packing or moving! I hope we can do something fun!!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to the kids meeting their grandparents. Davey's only met them twice and this is Tink's first time. Hopefully they'll get over being strange (the kids - Andrew's family is not strange hah hah) and maybe even let his folks watch them so we can go on a date for our anniversary (which happens while they're here).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer Fun!

Today was a Super Awesome Fantastic Day. See you can tell just by looking at our faces.

We got up bright and early this morning and played some bball in the back yard. Davey is already a better player than me!

Then, mid morning, our bestest friends the Abelmans came over to play. And Tash, who is the best friend in the universe, came bearing Timmy's coffee. Ahhhhhhh

Tinky decided to give her timbit to Seth.

"Hey, I only meant you could have a bite!"

"Seriously, come back here with my Timbit!"

"AH! MUM...he made it all gross!!! Awww you'd better just eat it now".

"uh yah. I don't want it back. Just keep it."

"that's a good chappie".

"now you just play with this car while I car while I go see if I can find some more donuts."
Meanwhile, Mayah has stopped posing for me and hid instead.

Since the timbits went over so well, we decided to feed Seth some watermelon. And of course, we had to capture his first bites of watermelon on film.

The kids must all be getting used to each other. Seth went down for a nap like a pro so the rest of us had lunch.

And here's Seth showing how much he loves sleeping in Davey's bed.

After our friends left, we headed for another walk. This time up the hill to the preschool. They have the most rad playground there!!

I can't push it!!

Yah, so today was super fantastic awesome and fabulous! We can't wait for all the fun tomorrow brings!