Friday, June 10, 2011

And then we...

So many of my blog postings feel like I'm reciting a list of things we did. Very dry. That said, I don't always have witty stories to recount about the kids and I certainly don't want to even attempt to get deep on here. How embarassing. So here's another picture diary:

One day last week we had a play date. I guess it was Tuesday. The sun was still shining and our friends wanted to come try out the pools.

The girls posed, played dolls and splashed.

Ben did what he does best, drove down our hill. Wheeeeeee!

And David drew. But I haven't got any pictures (that turned out) of that.

The girls played dolls. And talked about babies, marriage and relationships.

The boys lay in the sun on blankets and talked about superheroes and death defying stunts.

Pretty standard stuff :)

Beach Weather

Ahhhh...glorious sunshine. There's nothing like it! Elisabeth and I have been enjoying our afternoons in the sun. And on this particular day, we decided to pull out our kiddy pools and pretend it was summer.

And then, because you can just never get enough sun, we decided to forego the Canucks game again and head to the beach.

Funnily enough, not very many people had the same idea.

You could even go so far as to say the beach was deserted. I don't think we've ever seen it this empty. Not even in a storm in mid winter.

So we enjoyed having the place to ourselves.

The wind was perfect for kite flying. I literally put the kite together and held it up and it started flying.

This is Andrew reeling it in after the kids got bored. See how it continued flying even when it was only a foot or so above his head?

Then we ventured out to play in the sand.

My kids have become experts in this method of sand castle building. Next we'll have to teach them to sculpt the sand.

Castles built, we ventured for a walk out to the water's edge. And found lots of dead things. I find that somewhat troubling.

(Andrew doesn't believe in going barefoot at the beach.)

As you can see, the kids were super excited to be here. There may have been an impromptu dance session and some shouting of "best day ever!"

And then, the best dance pose ever. If only I could have captured just her. Oh well, he's cute too.

And then the tide started rolling in really fast. I thought I was going to have to piggy back Andrew back to shore.

We played for a little longer and then we drove to White Rock for dinner.

Where for the first time, we tried fish from the east side of the beach. Good deal. We got six pieces of fish and way more fries than even we could eat, for $23.

From this little place here.

And then we went for a walk.

By this time the Canucks were being well and truly creamed, so there were a few more people out and about.

(Lizzie is quite the poser. I asked her where she learned to pose for the camera and she told me her brain tells her what to do. I'm afeard for my life once she hits her teens, I tell ya!)

It was a lovely evening.

The kids (all three of them!) peered over the edge of the pier at the wildlife in the water below.

And then I had a little impromptu photo session with the kids on the steps by the bathrooms.

Lovely evening. And, I really was glad I wasn't at home wasting the sunshine on a Canucks slaughter...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Poolside fun

Sunny Sunday? Afternoon in Chilliwack! After church, we headed to the Abelmans' for a fire and some swimming.

While David soaked his feet in the pool, Lizzie played in the smaller pool.

Matching pouty faces.

Seffie eating broccoli. SO funny with it.

Playing with dolls in the water.


My brother Rob came to town for the weekend and it was our turn to host him. But I'm feeling kinda lazy these days so I conned the newlyweds into hosting breakfast Saturday morning. While Alexis made a dress to wear to her brother's wedding that day, Dave made waffles. I'm not sure which was more impressive.

We ate outside. There was a Dave table:

The boys:

Miss Lizzie. And apparently that's all the pictures I got of breakfast. It was good, trust me on this.

Saturday was pretty boring. I did some chores, ran some errands, mowed the lawn. David went to a birthday party. Where he got a blue ring pop. Which turned his face blue. See?

We dragged Rob to Fort Langley to hang out. Somebody decided to follow us.

Face palm! d'oh! Or something.

Since it was supper time, we decided to have gelato. Logical, right? I thought so. And bullied everyone else into agreeing with me.

Andrew wants to know where he can get an ice cream THAT size! ;)

Portrait of David
Portrait of Lizzie. That stuff on her eyebrow is makeup. In case you were wondering.

The river is very high. See that little ramp down to the red building? It's usually VERY steep. Here it's almost horizontal.

Self portrait.

Me and my brother:

Watching the boats go by.

We walked along the river to the playground.

Even Rob played.

And then we walked up to the train museum. Where, as usual, there was a photo shoot going on. But we played anyway.

Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals was on. Fort Langley was a ghost town.

We had Subway by the VERY HIGH river for supper.

It was only slightly less ghost towny there.