Thursday, August 31, 2006

If you're going to steal my camera, and take crazyweird pictures of yourself, you'd darn well better expect them to wind up on here. Let that be a lesson to you!!!

I bet you thought we'd shipped Ashlie off to boarding school in Northern Scotland, didn't you. No, she's still around. She just spent last week at Art Camp so she hasn't made it into many pictures lately. And school starts on Tuesday (GRADE ONE!!!) so she'll only be making guest appearances. *sob*

These are pyjamas I got for Ashlie way back when. They're size FOUR. Yah. Size FOUR. They MUST have shrunk some since she had 'em though. Or they've changed their sizes. None of the size fours from Ashlie's day fit Jade, and yet we just bought Davey a bunch of size threes (all from old navy btw) and they're quite roomy. So a deceiving picture. On an entirely different note, he rather fancied himself in this flowery blazer. Kept stealing my glasses and posing all over the place. Little spif.

"I Yub Bu, Daveyboy. Why are you pushing mumma away? Don't you like my kisses???"

In happier times...

A rare fight between the cousin-sibling-friends. Davey was sitting on two cushions from the couch. Jade came over and threw one of them across the room (presumably for David to sit on) then threw herself onto this cushion, and in doing so pushing him off. This is David attempting to sit on her head and reclaim his cushion. When that didn't work (they're both fake crying here) he proceded to pound on her as hard as he could. When the moms stood up to intervene, he decided he'd rather sit on the couch and Jade proceded to roll around the floor. Kids!!!

Andrew stole my camera today (as you'll know from the first of this set of pictures). I especially like this shot.

Davey made dinner. Looks...yummy?

A very close up of Tink by daddio. In the last few days she's developed baby pimples. My mum assures me that it's not because I'm not washing her face enough, but more of a heat rash from nursing. phewf!

Well Hello There Sunshine.

We three...and the fourth is playing with rocks somewhere.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I keep complaining that Andrew and David should pick the blackberries while they're outside since I can't get out there these days. Today David decided to oblige me. Picked and et 'em allllll. MNN mmnn.

It's Grossi's birthday!

on her wedding day.

Brotherly Love

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Andrew left David alone for maybe a minute while he brought me my lunch today. THIS is what he saw when he got back to the table. What can I say, Davey really gets IN TO his food!!

Looks appetizing, doesn't it?

Monday, August 28, 2006

That's pretty much the same face I make when he kisses me too...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today El is 3 weeks old. Last night was her best night of sleep ever. Only fed for one hour blocks at a time and slept for at least two hours in between each feeding. THAT is a record for us! And since we went to bed at nine with her, not getting my usual nap from 6 - 8 was okay. Here she is with her all three pictures. Those are HIS hairy legs in the background. Mine are slightly less hairy. FYI.

For Tink's three week birthday, we took David to a near by school and chased him around their playground till he was good and tired. Then we tucked both kids into bed. Happy birthday kids. Sleep good!

Isn't this lovely? I could easily live here. On that bench in particular.

First he lures dad to the top of the slide, then he gives him a good shove. All the while pretending to be innocence and charm. What a little IMP.

Laughing as Daddy swooshes down the slide (hmmn, the push/cackle reminds me of something his mother would do. Oh dear, he doesn't take after HER does he?~!)

"Hmnn, that looked like fun. Maybe I'll give it a go myself..."

Tink enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

After the park, we went to the zoo. This little critter is in one of the new displays. He's cute, but apparently ferocious!

Static Electricity. A punk baby's best friend.