Thursday, November 30, 2006

Andrew and Elisabeth build a Snow Fort

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29, 2005...or one year ago today...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

YAY! The snow is still here, still white, and I have a kid to play in it with!!

Here's a picture of Tinkie as we were heading to Old Navy this afternoon. I think she likes the snow, but she doesn't like wearing hats. Which is too bad since she looks so doggone cute in 'em.

This is what our poor little snowbear looks like these days. A little weary if you ask me.

When I first asked Davey if he wanted to come play outside with me, he said, "no. it's cold". When pressed he said, "I cold. Play inside with cars." But then he saw me outside by myself and took pity on me. YAY!

After watching me try to sled down the hill. I tried putting him on the sled but he didn't like it very much. I don't blame him. Our snow is very deep and as soon as he sat on the sled it sank into the powdery snow. Not so much fun.

So we decided to hop the fence and go to the park instead. It's pretty there.

Here he is at the top of the hill with his back towards our house (behind all those trees). Still not quite sure what he thinks of this snow and his crazy mamma.

The pond at the bottom of our hill...the one that almost came into our yard during the big floods of '06.

Then, I sat Davey on his bum and dragged him down the hill by his boots. As you can see, he thought that was hilarious. So we did that a few more times.


Then a nice dog came over to say hello. "Hello doggie, can I give you a kiss?"

and more fun sliding down the hill on our butts...WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The end.

Monday, Monday...

Here is our little Narnia fact, with this winter wonderland, I do feel a bit like I stepped out of the wardrobe into a different world. Even Langley is pretty when there's snow....

And speaking of pretty, here's tinky. She's looking so big lately. It's hard to believe that she'll be four months old next Monday.

And this blur of bath naked baby.

Davey if you can't tell from the blur...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shades of Tinky???

I think Tinky looks like her grandma. What do you think??

When Davey saw the snow this morning, he couldn't wait to get outside. Here's that first look of awe...
And from Tinky...

Hmnnn, that seat looks kinda cold!

Once Mamma got Tink down for her nap, we bundled up properly and headed out to make a snowman.

Here's Davey with the "snow bear's" torso. The snow was pretty good for building a snowman, a little on the wet side, but not bad.

That's an airplane embedded in the snowman's face

The finished product...

A great shot of our Christmas lights. I'm so glad we decided to splurge this year and get the second string of starlights. I love 'em. And so does davey.

Oh dear. The problem with snowy weather is that you have to wear those horrible bulky snow clothes. Davey was fine until he decided to go for a drive. Then he found that he couldn't quite get behind the wheel of the car. Ahh yes, I've had that problem. Oh wait, only I wasn't wearing snow clothes. Silly me....anyway. I had to lie him sideways, slide his feet under the steering wheel, then angle him to a sitting position. Luckily he was game...until he tried to get out and found himself stuck again. Oh dear...

We decided the car wasn't a good choice for snowy weather and I got out his motor cycle instead. Which he promptly ran over our snow man with. Hmnn...

A few hours later and Andrew and Davey decided to drive to the store for provisions. While dad's up at the car, somehow Davey knows exactly what the scraper is for. I'm telling you, boys just know some things. It's weird...

And in the spirit of trying to remember all the precious things my kids do these days, davey is obsessed with bob the builder and diego (dora's cousin) these days. Auntie Kathi brought him some BtB videos over since Ashlie's outgrown them and Jade doesn't like Spud. Davey will pull them off the shelf and open the cases and look at them for ages. One of them has a little promotional booklet in it which he will read and then burst into song (in the sweetest little voice) "da builder",

Yesterday, to demonstrate how very hungry he was, he walked up to me and said, "I eat it!" and bit me on the leg. It was only a love bite, very gentle, so I just laughed. So then he moved on to Daddy, "I eat it!" he said, and bit daddy VERY HARD on the butt. I picked myself off the floor, still laughing, in time to catch him bending over tink's very tender neck teeth poised....hmmmn I really should make sure he gets those snacks in....

He's definitely trying very hard to learn his abcs, but will make up the letter progression and letters (double y). Still, since he's only learning them from reading Dr. Seuss books, he's doing very well. He's also constantly working on his numbers. The letter four doesn't exist in his vocabulary, but on the other hand he recognises what counting is, and will often count anything, or remark, "two soosies" as he walks through the room with a soosy in each hand.

Tink is still not sleeping well. The problem now seems to be getting her to sleep at night. She has a good long feed at about 7 till 8 or sometimes 830 during which she will often fall asleep, but not stay asleep. Then she will not go to sleep till around 11 or later. We went through this with David too. And though it sometimes feels like maybe she's still hungry, I think really she just gets too tired and then can't fall asleep. She does really well on her morning nap and will sleep without interruption for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours but during the night she wakes almost every hour to have her soother reinserted. So I think tomorrow we're going to start trying a real bed time routine and letting her cry it out. Hopefully the weather will be good enough that I can get out of the house for that time. But if not, I'm going to head up to mum's to work on her genealogy stuff.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I guess it's been a few days.

Today was the first non-rainy day in what feels like an eternity. So despite the fact that three outta four of us are sick, and none of us got any sleep last night, we decided a walk in the fresh air would be just the ticket.

We're still not having any luck persuading Elisabeth that she likes the stroller. So, today we decided to try her in the back-pack carrier. OH YA. Finally something she loves. Good timing finding that out too, since Andrew goes back to work on Monday and I will need to get out of the house for walks!

Here's a close up of her looking all big in her new mode of transportation.

We decided it was really cold along the ocean, so we only did a small stint along there, then we duked through the "town" of Crescent Beach and through some of the trails. To Davey's great delight, we spotted some "horseys" in someone's back yard.

Lots and lots of herons out today. Doesn't it look cold?

Even colder. While we were unloading our car, there was a family next to us discussing how they couldn't understand why they had to be at the airport so early tonight since it was nowhere near cold enough to snow today. This though they were all wearing huge coats, toques, mittens and boots. Andrew and I just looked at each other with big eyes that said, "are you CAR azeh!? it was sooo cold today!"
Here's Andrew reenacting the crazy eyes.