Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anticipating Grosspapa's Arrival...

My dad is due to begin his spring migration home again next week. And you can tell the kids are excited for it. The other day Tinky made cookies, "Let's package some up for your dad. Cause I love him a little bit you know."

David and Tinky are playing playmobil, David is telling Elisabeth how to set up their house: "Don't forget to set up the bed. Cause old people need more naps than everyone else you know. Remember, when Grosspapa is here, how he sleeps all the time? uh hunh."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Gospel According to Lizzie

Yesterday Elisabeth pulled out David's Kid's Club memory verses and was pretending they were her verses. Since she can't read yet, she had to improvise. Here are three of the of Lizzie's Memory Verses:

I will be glad and rejoice in your goodness and love and I will never be afraid because you are always watching me and my family.

My God says that I have to love my family and I have to pray to the Lord. And he will do my prayer because God loves me.

God says, I am always watching over you but you can't see me because I am invisible.

I like the Gospel according to Lizzers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More from Davey and Tinker

This Sunday, Andrew did the Bible reading at church. He was reading from Psalms and I didn't think the kids were paying too much attention until suddenly David grabbed me and said, "Mom did Daddy just say, 'My servant David'?" I nodded so he continued with, "DOES THAT MEAN I'M HIS SERVANT?"


Elisabeth just learned about dental health in preschool. The conversation at breakfast this morning went something like this, "You know those chocolate cookies grandma gave us? Those give us cafeterias."
"Do you mean cavities?"
"No cafeterias. You know, the bugs on our teeth? So we shouldn't eat them anymore."
"Yeah and then we'll have to go visit the guy that gives you golden teeth!"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another photoshoot with little lizzie

As we were leaving the beach last Wednesday, I spotted a grassy hill. I asked Elisabeth to run up and down the hill a few times while I snapped some pictures...and I love how they turned out!

Here are four of my favorites:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

One of the best things about stopping at the Point Robert's Sip and Ship is their ice cream. They always have kid friendly flavours like birthday cake.

And Moose Tracks and Rainbow Sherbet. Oh yum.

In fact, the ice cream options were so good, even mummy broke down and tried some!

Then, when we'd finished buying our crazy cheap gas, picking up our parcels and eating our ice cream, we headed to the beach. Because we finally figured out how to get there...

And it was sublime!

The kids were so excited to see all the drift wood. I knew Andrew would have liked it too. It's really too bad he has to work to support our extravagant life style!

There were oodles of little driftwood houses dotted along the beach too.

Of course the kids were in heaven! Little houses to play in!

We adults were quite happy with them too - it was windy there on the point!

Some of the houses were really basic, but a few, like this one, were really sophisticated.

This one even had a bed and pillow in it!

And skylights!

My handsome baby brother. In a few weeks he's getting married and likely our adventures will come to an end. The end of an era. It is sad making.

Thank goodness I have these two to continue my adventuring with.

Dave in his beautiful crocheted hat.

And Lizzie in Uncle Dave's straw hat.

We came to the end of the public beach. Way off in the distance you can see Tsawassen's beach.

And the campground by the water. I would SO love camping here!

The kids found a little cafe house. Complete with crab's legs for sale.

We stopped at the Orca Learning Centre on the way out. Apparently this is a PRIME spot to watch the whale migration.

See how close to the beach those babies get? SO cool. For $75 a year, you can join a list and they will phone you every time there are whale pods in the area. Split that between a few interested families and I think it would be SO worth it!!

Love the wooden boardwalks!

And then we had a quick pitstop at Starbucks to freshen up. Lizzie bought this 'round.

Friday, March 25, 2011

impromptu photo shoot

My very creative sister has decided to sell the amazing hats she makes. I am helping her make her blog look pretty and in return for the ten minutes or so of work I'm doing on that, she crocheted Elisabeth this beautiful hat.

While we were looking for something springlike for Elisabeth to wear to Point Roberts, I found this outfit of Jades and thought it would go perfectly with the new hat. See?

And little lizzie felt sufficiently springlike that she had to dance all over the driveway.

So of course I had to capture it :)

Picnic in the driveway!

A sure sign that spring has arrived (or is on it's way) is that we start eating out of doors. With spring break and the arrival of springlike weather, we managed to eat lunch outside three days in a row!

Even peanut butter and jam tastes gourmet when enjoyed in the fresh air!

And Braylon was over the moon!
Three of his favorite things. Lookit that smile!

Or how 'bout this one?! Yup, he loved the picnicing :)

He and Lizzie put on their wellies and went for a wander.

And picked my daffodils. D'oh!

And when David finally finished eating, he climbed a tree.