Sunday, March 30, 2008

While Andrew continued (birthday) partying...

This pretty much sums up my day!

...just kidding. So after we finished up at dinner last night, we slept over at my mum's house. The kids stayed at Cody and Kat's. This morning we woke up early and had a nice breakfast at Starbucks ;) and a tour or Andrew's office. They've added a new wing and some conference facilities and Andrew wanted to show it off. Then it was off to the Car Show for him, and off to Walmart with me (I'd rather have been at the car show, but only if I didn't have kids with me!) Tink came with me and Dave went to the Flea Market with the Lyths. This afternoon me and the kids went to play.

It's getting hard to play AND take pictures. I might have to stop taking pictures soon so that I can keep up with the kids ;)

This is how I know for sure this boy is mine...he loves the trees.

Umnn tink?

I think you'd better let me help you with that!

Good day had by all. The kids managed their first sleep over like experts and Kathi and Cody survived (too bad their couch didn't!) and Andrew had a blast at the car show.

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

We decided to kick off Andrew's birthday with some icecream cake on Friday night. We knew that since Kathi and Cody were watching our kids for us Saturday/Sunday that we wouldn't be able to have cake together on his birthday. What I didn't realise was how into birthdays and parties Davey is already.

He was so excited and wanted to decorate and plan games and turn it into a huge party. Unfortunately I was completely un prepared for that!! So, we may just have to surprise Andrew with another party later this week. After all, it IS a big birthday :)

Despite this picture, neither kid liked the ice cream cake. Gonna have to remember that for their birthdays!!

Saturday morning and Andrew's eating his requested chocolate chip pancake breakfast. And holding a baby....Andrew? Are you saying you want another baby for your birthday?? Not sure how I feel about that...!!

After breakfast we headed to Fort Langley for a stroll and lunch. We stopped at an old favorite - spill the beans on glover road. Like all things, STB has changed, and it's not quite the same. Still, you'd have to be pretty lame to ruin a grilled cheese sandwich!

Then it was off to the Lyths' house to get rid of our kids.

And off to Richmond to visit Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and...


Truly one of the highlights of our day :)

But what was that white stuff falling from the sky??

HAIL?!? bizarre!

We stopped at the Richmond Ikea (totally disappointing. Their customer service is NON existent. Seriously. In the past five years or so, every time I've gone there I've been very disappointed with their staff.) then it was off to South Surrey for dinner at the Cactus Club.

We had been talking about the weather forecast and how Mark M had said it was going to be dry Saturday afternoon. That got us on to a whole conversation about Global's Meteorologist. So how funny was it that when we got to Cactus Club, Mark Madryga was sitting in the bar!!

Faced with an hour wait to get into the restaurant, we decided to wait for a couple of chairs in the bar. It still took about 1/2 hour, but we finally landed a table which was actually quite far away from the bar and very comfy. Andrew had the whiskey jack ribs and I had Chicken Teryaki Rice Bowl. YUM. Totally worth the wait.

This is from me and Tink playing in her room on friday. Sitting in her toy box:

While we were playing I thought I might try to get some portrait type pictures of her...or at least play with the settings on my camera a bit more. Hmnnn...well, maybe if she'd sit still!!

Okay, sit still, you don't have to go to bed!!

We were in the midst of playing and suddenly Tink says, "night night" and went down for a nap. Okay then!

Up from her nap and standing on my computer tower. Little monkey.

Her favorite way to colour: lying on her tummy on the floor.

More twins!

Same Day. Tinky is practicing for when she's a fashion designer or Canada's Next Top Model and has to modify outfits to make them 'her own'. Nice touch tinker.

It's not always Tink who wants to be like Davey...sometimes, Davey wants to be like her. Nice hat!!


This is from earlier last week. Tinky really, really wants to be like her big brother. So much so that she's also wanted to wear his clothes and shoes. And do everything he does. Luckily, for now, he doesn't seem to mind.

Check out these long locks. Remember I said I was growing his hair for when we got to visit my grandma this summer? They actually are growing...

This picture is from November, but I think I cut his hair in September just after school started. So you can see that his hair had already started growing here...In five months he's grown more hair than he did in the first two years of his life. That gives me hope that both my kids are both going to have full heads of hair :) YEA!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's Forty!

I have lots of pictures to post, but very little time. No time even to upload them, in fact. So let me just post a few oldies for you:

Andrew as a very, very cute little baby!

Did you know that Davey turns forty months old this month?

A bit of a milestone if you ask me. So here are a few pictures of him with his dadda when he was brand new.

Oh, and by the way, it's Andrew's birthday today. Happy birthday honey! We love you :)