Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday at the park with Davey and Tink

Because I don't already spend enough time there, today I decided that my family should go to TWU and take pictures. It's the lure of the cherry blossoms, I just couldn't resist!

It's pretty, no?!
Playing under the cherry trees.
And hugging after playing hide and seek among the trees.

I have a picture of me sitting on this bench 15 years ago. I'll have to dig it out and scan it. Boy oh boy. Do you know that I could potentially be twice the age of some of this year's freshmen? If they're 17...oy vey!
Tinker goes in for a hug...
Davey reciprocates with a peck on the cheek...

Which for some reason makes Tinker sad. awwww

I worked in this building as a Circulation Assistant for at least the last two years of my studies. The ACTS books were my personal pride and joy. Which is funny since I later returned as the ACTS registration assistant...

Back home and Barbie went for a climb in the tree.

Along with my suddenly fearless boy.

You see how high he is??

The Past Week (in pictures):

I brought this table up for the kids when Andrew was away on one of his conferences. The kids liked having the treat of eating at their little table. They're back to having most meals at the family table, but every once in a while we do lunch down here. Rather cosy, and close to the tv. Which is great for those meals where you can't decide if it's better to feed them or put them down for a nap...

This is where we all prefer to eat. We love our balcony! This was Wednesday when we bbq'd burgers with Uncle Dave. The kids roasted marshmallows. Then left the cooked ones and only ate the raw ones.

I've been spending all of my free time outdoors. This is the only spot that's more or less finished now. But I'm having a great time with all my digging and weeding and trimming and planting!

Friday night we went to the park. Unfortunately there were two middle aged (hah, my aged) guys there smoking weed and a couple in the midst of world war three (while their poor kids were playing with our kids) so it wasn't exactly the relaxing evening I hoped for. But our kids didn't seem to notice.

We have two or three of these growing in our back yard. I think they're wild since there's also one or two growing between the hedge and fence on the property line. Mum, are they lilac???

Classic Tinker face!

And the daveyboy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was a gorgeous day today, and really warm too. We all cracked out the summer gear.

Even the 50 SPF sunscreen. Then we hung out around the pool and told stories.

Except for that 5 hour block where we shoveled dirt. There's a lot of landscaping to do around here. And you know, veggie gardens to dig and stuff.

See how it's black in front of Elisabeth almost to the front of the steps? That's how much dirt we'd already moved.

Luckily, with good help, the work goes fast, or I'd be really tired and sore right now. Oh wait, I am anyway.

Oh, and on the weekend Paul and Andrew finished this play set. Looks good, doesn't it!

Um, hello, what's that in the tree and when did it learn to climb?!

Wow. Impressive :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

We went for a walk in the forest this evening. Spring is sprung and it is beautiful!

Elisabeth really wanted a picture of these pine cones. So I took one.

I think they look like twins here ;)

The trillium really did turn purple!

Wild raspberries?

See those pinecones? Can you imagine how full my pockets were by the time we got home? I really need to start bringing bags on our walks...