Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's Play Catch (up)!

Okay, this one's for all of you who can't see my facebook pictures...

Andrew booked a couple of days off last week ostensibly to catch up on some of the projects he hasn't had time to work on lately. Thursday dawned bright and rainy. Horribly rainy. So after letting him play in the garage for a few hours, I begged him to come and play with us. We headed to the river (Derby Reach) for some lunch and a bonfire.

It was so wet, we had to hold an umbrella over the fire until we were sure it was burning properly. That's how wet it was...

Mnn, toasted tomatoes. Yummy! Actually, Andrew hates tomatoes and when I ordered his sandwich I forgot to get them to keep them off. So. Burn 'em baby!

Meanwhile, Davey roasted chicken strips over the fire.

The traditional Roll Up the Rim picture.

Unfortunately, Davey was a big, fat, non-winner.

Mnnnnn...cajun-style french fries! Delish!

Tink, the only one who came prepared for the weather!

This is from Saturday. Elisabeth is totally into makeup right now. So when she found a black sharpie decided to give herself a makeover!

On Sunday we met our old neighbors in Stanley Park at the Aquarium.

First stop was the dolphin show.

Bobs and Lolo were performing in the underwater beluga viewing area. We happened to see a song by them last week (on tv) so we actually knew who they were. Very talented. So we were really excited to get to see them in real life. In fact, Davey went right up and introduced himself to Lolo. I think he would have followed her backstage if I hadn't made him come back. But he didn't have to wait long for both of them to come out and the show to start!

Apparently my kids take after their parents. Not much good at dancing. In fact, while all the other kids danced all aroudn them, these two stood like statues...mesmirised by the performers.

And super, duper cute!

The beluga show! Paul and Andrew saved seats for all of us while me and Consuelo watched Bobs and Lolo with the kids. I was very, very glad we weren't in the splash zone! Maybe in August we'd be up for it.

The resident octopus!

And a jellyfish.

A davey in a fishbowl.

And a Rain in a fish tank!

Then the kids played Vets in the play room.

Poisonous frogs.


Paul and Andrew sunning themselves by the fountain!

And the four cute kids :)

This guy was with BC Hydro Powersmart. Hetook a picture with Davey...and then asked us to sign a waiver to use the picture in advertising. Obviously not parents themselves, since most people would ask first, then take pictures!

And on the way home we stopped in West Van for drinks.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Week in Review:

On Sunday we decided to head to Richmond for a change of pace. It was pouring rain when we left, so Ellie got to play with her new brolly. Since we were going to Richmond though, we decided to opt for stylish footwear as opposed to practical footwear!

It never even occured to me that it might snow (not sure why not, given the winter we've had), so imagine my surprise when we drove straight into a blizzard! We soldiered on and by the time we were done in Richmond it was back to our usual rain. Thank goodness!

On Monday, I worked. But on Tuesday spring break began! And so we had our very first playdate. Devin and Jordan (or Gordan, as Davey calls her) came over. And their mummy brought cupcakes! Mnn, we'll ask them over again!

They stayed for lunch, so Tink and Jordan set the table for us.

Meanwhile, Devin tried it on with David. We have a little play room under our stairs and behind a closet. I kept hearing cries of "No! Kissing on the lips means you're married!" and "I'm not ready to get married yet!" Good boy, David! But from the looks of this picture, you don't mind the company of pretty ladies tooooo much ;)

And a shot of all five kids. Tink and Joran are 2.5 months apart and Jade, Devin and David are all a few months apart too. It makes for great play dates.

Yesterday an old school friend and co-worker came over with her three boys. I don't have any pictures of Jacky, Noah, Levi and Mattias, but they were so much fun to have over! Jacky's boys are so well behaved and full of fun (and so incredibly cute!) We had a great time. David was devastated when the boys went home, so we asked Jade and Ashlie to come over. Everyone dived into the dress up clothes.

Since we were all playing dress up anyway, I offered to do makeovers. EVERYONE wanted curlers in (thank goodness I have so many!)

It's impossible to get a nongoofy picture from this one!

hmn. One for the yearbook, I think!

And this one wants to do everything the big kids do.

Then everyone got some makeup on. Some more than others. Elisabeth insists on applying her own. Lovely, isn't she?

We were supposed to have another playdate today, but I've hurt my back somehow and while it doesn't bother me too much during the day, I have a really hard time sleeping. So I'm feeling pretty wasted today and have decided to take it easy. After all, it's back to work tomorrow!