Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Stuff

Dad gives Andrew a hug after Andrew injured his foot this past weekend.

Yesterday in preschool Davey made a rice krispie star. He was pretty proud of it. Lately David has been wanting to help a lot more; he scrapes dinner plates into the garbage, loads the dishwasher, fetches drinks for people, tidies up without complaining, and loves to hold doors open. I love this new 'big boy' davey!

As Tink's hair gets longer, it tends to look stringy and fine. And it's her sides are still trying to catch up with the back. So last night I cut a good inch or more off the back of her hair. I think it looks quite good considering she wouldn't sit still!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A busy, busy day.

This morning was so perfect we decided to go for a walk by the river. We couldn't bring the stroller so Elisabeth rode on this stick.

Here's the boys.
Andrew dropped a ceramic pot on his toe on Thursday night. It's still giving him a lot of trouble. It's angry and red and black and white and very sore. So he walked with a stick.

Ell being goofy.

I really liked the colours on these trees.

...and these ones.

And I thought these were pretty too.

This afternoon Grosspapa and the kids decorated their gingerbread house. They started with the cookies.

They did good, no?

Then it was on to the house. I was seriously impressed at the difference between last year's house and this one. Davey did awesome.

While Tink ate a lot of candy.

Or fed it to Grosspapa.

Davey even put Christmas lights on his house.

Friday, November 21, 2008

On Wednesday we went to Whiterock. It was a gorgeous day so we needed to take advantage of the sunshine! Davey got ready in his sunglasses and he decided I needed to wear a crown.

It was pretty cold in Chilliwack so Davey decided he need a hat too.

We picked up Jade on the way, then headed for lunch. It was soooooo yummy. Lunch on the patio by the ocean. How much more perfect could the day get?

The place we went to used to be Trolls, but it's changed to West Beach bar and grill. YUM.

Then afterwards we went for a walk.

Davey was so excited to see this rock. He remembers playing in it the last time we were here.

This is Jade doing some kind of dance. I thought maybe it was a happy dance, but it might have been the fire dance they've been learning at school.

This is Davey joining in...

Grosspapa told them that if they put their heads to the railway tracks they'd be able to hear if a train was coming.

This is a birch tree that washed up onshore.

A sea gull that really wanted to participate in a photoshoot.

And on the way home, the kids cleaned the car and filled it up with gas for me. awwww!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meanwhile, back at our house...

This is from a few days ago. We had such a hard time getting the kids to fall asleep. They both came down at one point asking for drinks. Andrew gave them water and sent them back upstairs. They had a water fight. Oy vey. Finally they fell asleep. Tink at the top of her bed...

And davey. Aren't they sweet when they're asleep?!

Oh the drama. Davey pitching a fit because he doesn't want a bath. Tink consoling him.

And see? He likes it once he's in there.

Today we had to be in Langley to drop tile off at the house. On the way we stopped by Twin Rinks to play at the playground.

We were all very excited ;)

And maybe even a little bit silly.

This is Davey pretending he's stuck in the water and the sharks are about to attack him:

This is Tink offering to rescue him:

And Tink pulling him onto our pirate ship:

And both of them very relieved and grateful to be safe and together!

This is Davey doing a "pirate face."

These are my new bangs. I was jealous of Rebekah and Raych's fresh new bangage, so I decided to cut my own. They'll do for now.

Tink playing in the leaves. She was making us dinner. Pea gravel wrapped in leaves. YUM!

The End.