Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am the kind of girl who needs everything in her life to be scheduled and planned. I'm pretty good at hiding it, in fact some of my closest friends don't realise it about me. But it's only because I've gotten so darn good at being a control freak.

In practical terms this means that our entire year's worth of holiday time and travel planning for any given year is already pretty much set in stone before last year's Christmas decorations have been put away. I always know exactly which route I'm taking anywhere; where all the emergency exits, toilets and food supply places are and I have enough clothes/toys/baby supplies to last almost any scenario.

This has been a year of stretching for me.

For instance, I took my family on a trip to Switzerland. With my two brothers and my dad. I pretty much gave up all reins of control on that one. And it was hard. But good.

We were back home for two days and I had big plans for those two days. Then I decided since this whole trying new things thing had worked out so well, maybe I'd extend it. On Sunday morning we went out for breakfast. I decided to try something new (I'm the kind of person who once she finds something she likes on a menu never again tries anything different). I got food poisoning. In fact, I still have it. As long as I don't eat anything I'm okay. Apart from having absolutely no strength in my muscles, feeling like I have rocks in my stomach and a massive headache. But you know, at least the kids are in day care and having a blast and my house isn't turning into a disaster area. It's all good, right?

Yesterday we decided we'd come to staff conference. I was a bit worried about how I'd do with such a long drive, but it was okay. Though as soon as we hit the Sea to Sky and the rain started, I wondered if we were smart to be driving through a rock fall area in that kind of weather. So I prayed. And prayed. And it looks like God answered my prayers. So far it looks like no one was caught in the biggest landslide ever to hit Highway 99. And I'm so glad. But once again I have to learn to be flexible and go with the we risk a 10 hour drive home through the canyon, or extend our trip here by several days (only to face the possibility of still having to drive home through the canyon....)

Here's to matter how that growth is forced on you!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


This little gap dress is one of my favorite items in Tink's wardrobe. I've put it in with clothes to be given away so many times, only to pull it back out again. This is Tink in it last April. It's hard to tell, but it came down to her ankle bones then.

Here she is in it last week. Again it's hard to tell, but I had to put shorts on underneath because it came to mid thigh.
It's hard to believe she's grown that much in a year, but I guess that's what kids do!

Hair woes

Elisabeth's hair has been driving me nuts lately. It's finally getting some length to it, but it's still growing insanely unevenly. I thought I was going to trim it again this morning, but when it came to it I couldn't bring myself to use the scissors. Instead I put it in two bunches. Cute.

In related news, I lightened my hair again yesterday. It's quite a bit lighter and more yellow than it was before though it's still got quite a bit of red in it. I already know that I like this better though, so maybe I'll save my pennies and try to get my stylist to make it a more natural blonde...but not till the roots are showing...

The End

On Friday our trip came to an end. Dad drove us out to Zurich and waited with us while we fought for our plane tickets (in Switzerland they still use paper tickets, so apparently our e-tickets were a HUGE problem for them. They also had trouble getting the system to accept Elisabeth as a legitimate passenger. I don't think she would have minded living with Anny and Grossi).

We finally made it through and got to our gate with only 1 hour to spare (considering we got to the airport 3.5 hours before boarding, that was pretty incredible!) When we got to our gate Elisabeth befriended a hot air balloon pilot from the United Arab Emirates. He gave her a pin of a hot air balloon with his flag on it and told her that next time she flies it should be as his co-pilot on a balloon. She was hilarious because she kept smiling at him until he came to pin the balloon on. Then she held perfectly still and refused to make eye contact with him.

It was strange for me because he had been waving at her and smiling, but then he just got up and put the pin on her without talking to either me or Andrew. Reminds me of a similar situation when we were at the airport with an infant David and a young man came up and just took Davey out of my arms. Obviously besotted with him, but uhm hello? Most moms prefer you ask or at least give some kind of indication you're going to take their baby!!

Remember how I was raving about how wonderful it was to have a play area in Vancouver airport? I guess I didn't post a picture. Well, I'll just say our play area was pathetic compared to the HUGE nursery in our wing at Zurich Airport. It was probably over 1000 square feet and had everything for kids from 0 (cribs and playpens and even teddy bears, though ewwwww germs) to a huge climbing thing and slide for older kids. Here are a few pictures, but they're only from a tiny wing at the end. And the bathrooms were totally equipped for young children.

This change station had room for five babies to be changed.

And this is the hallway leading to the nursery.

Our flight left at 4;15 pm and for the most part each time zone was at about 4-6 pm so it didn't get dark the whole way home. Everywhere except Great Britain (we flew over the Thames then up to Scotland) and BC were sunny so we (well me, no one else had a window) had some amazing views to look at.

These are taken from around Greenland.

Elisabeth was alert and happy the whole way. Enjoyed eating and playing and mostly stayed in her seat.

This is somewhere around the NWT or Northern Ontario/Quebec. Not exactly sure.

Davey slept for about 3 hours.

While Tink eagerly looked forward to the next meal and 'where's the coffee'?

Had to include that picture of a sleeping Daveyboy. Elisabeth eventually slept too, but only for a few minutes...maybe 30? Both kids switched straight back to BC time and me and Andrew too. Apart from some issues adjusting back to Canadian food we're all doing very well and looking forward to Staff Conference this week.

I still haven't hooked up the external harddrive to download all of our pictures from the trip. Once I have, I'll create some postings on my swiss blog. But I'll let you know on here so that anyone who is interested can just take a quick trip over there to look.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jumping like this works up an appetite.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yesterday morning we three were awake before Andrew. So Grosspapa took us for a walk. It was COLD. 7 degrees. BRRRRRRRR

But beautiful!

I decided it was high time my kids had a nap on this trip. After she woke up, El coloured.
Davey had a harder time waking up.

Then we headed up the mountain to Buhlberg. While Dad and Rob hiked, I fed my kids. Grossi and Anny had something too.

Time for a quick swing break!

Even though it was freezing on the mountain top, when we came back down it was perfect sun tan weather. Or as Davey calls it, "sun lie".

El had a look at a toy catolog (the toys here are SO much nicer than in Canada...or at least it's easier to find the nice wooden, felt, quality toys. And they're not totally over priced like at home).

Reading with Uncle Rob.

On every page, "wow!"

Tickle time with Grossi!

Tink's favorite game. Pin as many clothes pegs on her as you can, then she'll pull them off.

Time for bed!
My baby brother.
And the beautiful mountains.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Oh come on people, not George. That's just cause everywhere you go in Thun, either George, or Nicole or Eva is advertising something. WEIRD.

Poor Ellie's nose has been bugging her so she keeps scratching it. Now she has to wear a big bandaid on her face.
Today was a day for nice cars. I'll only post one picture. I saw soooo many beautiful old cars though. *sigh*

THIS is what has gained my affection. A Berner Sennen Hunde. Oy.
Isn't he gorgeous? I want four.

Day Trip to Thun and Visit with Aunty Rosie