Sunday, May 31, 2009

okay, I hope you're ready for this: LOTS AND LOTS of pictures from the past week!

Here's a pic from the other day at grandma's house. The kids were tired and hungry so they had a quick snack of nutella on toast. YUM! Almost like being at Grossmeuti's house in Lenk :)

This beautiful dress is from Natasha. Elisabeth had it on last week and I had to get a picture. Thanks guys for the beautiful bag of clothes!

On Thursday we went for a nice walk at the Campbell Valley Park. Of course I always seem to pick the hottest days to go. Here's David at the beginning of the trail.

And here's the actual trail. Isn't it beautiful?!

Investigating a tree trunk. They were hoping to find either bears or bees in the stump. Needless to say, I was glad they didn't!!

I told them we'd see all kinds of wildlife in the river. Guess I should have realised it would probably be mostly dry this time of year. But I didn't. Can you believe the water here sometimes comes up almost to the boardwalk? Nowhere near that much on Thursday!

But we looked anyway. The most we saw were some dragonflies and a duck.

Another huge tree trunk.

Tinker having lunch on our balcony. I love the headband tink!

There's been a lot of cotton in the air these days. Some days it almost looks like it's snowing if you look the right way. Our spider webs are FULL of the stuff.

Davey and his favorite person!

Having a bath in the laundry room sink. She really enjoyed it.

My cute kids posing in the driveway. Davey wearing his back-to-school fall jacket and Tinker just being cute.

This weekend we had to go downtown. We stopped for gas and Elisabeth washed the windows.

And a quick snuggle.

We walked down Granville Street. The new PB Kids store was open so we spent a lot of time in there looking at everything. MAN they have some really cool stuff (like this or this or this).

I don`t know who can afford to pay their prices, but I got some great ideas for decorating the kids rooms. And the kids LOVED playing with and looking at everything.

So, a skill testing question. Can you find Tinky?

She REALLY wanted that balloon :(

Doesn't Davey look OLD here? My baby is growing up :(

On the way home, se stopped for a walk at Blackie's Spit. It was hot, and incredibly busy. But what a beautiful day.

Andrew tried to teach David how to whistle with a piece of grass. We might need to practice some more.

Kisses for Daddy. Awwwww...

Tink had rocks in her shoe. But I thought it was very funny how she posed with her foot on the fence.

Of course we had to stop and play in the water. For once it was David that wanted to get his clothes wet and Elisabeth who was worried about it.

I don't have any pictures here, but she walked around with her skirt hiked up around her belly button so I finally just let her run around in her pull ups. Too funny.

Watering the tomatoes when we got home.

And then Elisabeth made dinner.

She didn't seem to excited about eating it though.

Or maybe she was just in a goofy mood?

Oh! I think both kids are!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bonfire at the farm