Monday, July 31, 2017

Road Trip to Hell's Gate.

This was the day the smoke descended in earnest. I remember because we left Chilliwack and it was normal. By the time we got to Hope there was a slight haze but we thought it was just clouds. Then as we headed up the canyon towards Hell's Gate, there was a distinctly smoky smell.

The one saving grace is that the smoke also cut the heat. We'd expected it to be close to 40 degrees in Hell's Gate, but with the smoke it was a much more manageable 30ish.

Here we are, snug in the van and hitting the road.

I love how all the gondolas in BC remind me of home!

 First thing we did at the bottom of the canyon was head out on the bridge.

 I wish we lived closer, I'd love to visit during every season and see the changes - the way the water levels change. I think it's beautiful.

 Okay, maybe you don't want to stare at the water quite as much as I do :)

I turned my attention to pictures of the children.

 There's a bit of a hike you can do here, I've never done it. But I have a feeling the kids would like to (though maybe I'll take the actual pathway and not the wild route!)

 A side thought - since I took my photography course again, my control over the camera has improved immensely. Looking back at all my summer pictures, I see how I didn't have any control over my camera at all before. Makes me want to go back and redo the whole summer!

 So we panned for gold, and looked at all the artifacts and murals.

And posed for a picture or two.

I love this for Seth on the right corner....

So glad my kids still humour me by letting me take pictures of them. I know that day is coming to an end.

 And of course, you MUST have ice cream when at Hell's gate!

I'm not sure what's up with our faces!


Natasha and her children went back up to the top and we went through the museum. My lovely little nerds said it didn't feel right to visit without looking through there.

 And then, since we had 15 minutes till the next gondola, we went across the bridge one more time.

And after we got home again, we needed a quick dip in the pool. Notice the difference between the skies? More of that to come...