Tuesday, July 25, 2017

June tenth was a busy day

These last few posts are all from my phone, so there's going to be some repetition when I upload my camera pictures (I think I'm getting close to 1500 pictures to weed through. HELP!)

Anyway, on June 10th, Ruben and Ada came to play. We started by visiting the newly refurbished playground downtown. It was great!

Then we went to Brookswood Days. We used to take our kids when they were little. They've expanded it quite a bit and it's so worth a visit!

Especially for the free cookies :)

The we went and watched some top notch floor hockey at George Preston. Let me tell you, for free entertainment, it's really, really good quality hockey.

After all that, we had a party at our house. As usual, Larry wanted to have a water fight.

I have to agree with Larry, they're a lot of fun.

We have an MVP!

Both of our homestay students are incredibly smart. One, Tommy, is on a 5 year plan to graduate with a PhD. Our other student, Larry, plays an insane amount of basketball. By which I mean he played on the Jr A and the Senior basketball teams at his school this year. He also played intramural, volunteered at the girls' games and played every lunch and after school and ran camps at the elementary school.

So it was no surprise when we got an email from the school letting us know he'd won an award and we were invited to an awards ceremony.

Having no experience with high school students, we had no idea that most parents don't attend these functions. Unless they're coaching. Oh well, Larry and his friends happily sat at our table and we were thrilled for our boy.

Larry goes into grade 11 next year, which I think means he can only play on the senior team. That's gonna be a change, except I'm positive he'll find ways to involve himself in lots of other basketball.

Congratulations Larry!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hub Cycling

Our local District PAC advertised free bicycle safety courses being offered through HUB Cycling at our local MEC store.

Coincidentally, I had just been telling my kids about taking similar courses in England. So of course we jumped on this offer.

It's a great program, and if you ever have the opportunity to participate, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

June Stuff

This is my new lawn boy. He's fantastic!

Tommy had SATS in Abbotsford, so I contacted my bestie and arranged to meet her out there. When David found out, he insisted that he and Seth also have a date. Who knew their friendship was so strong? Not me!! But here they are...

We wandered around Mill Lake.

 And on the way home I bought shrubs while these two nuts sat in this chair.

Trip to Penticton: Part One

Welp, it's finally time to start blogging again. I think we're all sick of hearing my excuses about how busy I am :)

Way back in May I had Ruben and Ada for the long weekend. Remember? We also spent a day with the Nicholsons while we had the kids. While we were hanging out, Michelle lamented the fact that we weren't spending the long weekend in Summerland at her parent's place. And then she realized...we could go the following weekend!

We left after work on Friday. First stop was Home Restaurant for dinner. MNNNNN.

 We arrived in Summerland after dark and settled into our digs.

This is the view we enjoyed as we breakfasted on the balcony.

Then Elisabeth enjoyed the hot tub.

We went to the market. Have you ever been to the Penticton Market? It's a street market that runs from spring to fall. It takes over blocks and blocks of the downtown core. You can find everything from sunglasses, dog clothes, fresh produce, fresh bread...It's great! Last year David bought a suitcase full of VW hot wheels there. There's a tragic twist to that story, you can read about it here.

After we'd perused the market, and of course the bookstore, we stopped at Subway to find healthy lunches for ourselves and then we headed TO THE BEACH.

Oh glorious beach, I would live there if I could. I mean, LOOK AT IT. 

Tommy had stayed home to study, but Larry came with us. And was straight into the water!

 My little water baby was straight off into the deep.

We can't ever go to Skaha Beach without Elisabeth going to the exercise park. I really should tell her there's one in Langley now...

Selfie with the children. Horrible picture of me, but look at those sweet children.

Later that afternoon, my dad joined us at the beach and gave the kids ice cream money.

Yeah obviously my family lovvvvvvvvves ice cream!

 This view right here, is what is opposite the beach. So you sit on the sand, and when you get too hot you either jump in the lake or come sit under the trees on the grass. Isn't it beautiful? Today (July 20 - I'm blogging two months later), there's a small wildfire in Penticton. Please God, send the rain.

We BBQ'd back at Michelle's parent's house. I never get sick of this view.

Tommy had spent the day studying on the balcony. He said it wasn't so bad, he had the fresh breeze, the views and fresh air. He didn't want to stop looking at the lake for dinner.

 It was already Sunday, and time to go home. But we decided to stop at Summerland Sweets on our way home.

 Oh look, more ice cream!

From Summerland Sweets we wandered down to the railway. It's a short but beautiful walk.

And you get to walk across the railway bridge - which crosses a gorge? Ravine?

Views down the valley towards the lake.

 We decided to wander under the bridge.

 And these two yobbos wandered a little further.

Then we heard the train coming so we ran like stink to go see it.

 Gorgeous, right?

 From there we headed home. Of course we stopped in Manning Park to see the gophers.

And of course it was raining when we hit Langley (it always is).