Thursday, September 01, 2011

David, Amy, Ben and Lizzie are sitting `round the table eating lunch and talking about ketchup. David regales them all with a tale about `that time Daddy got ketchup on his shirt and it never came off.`

"They didn't have OxyClean back in those days so I guess they just couldn't get stains off."

It's been four months without cable and yet the legacy of brainwashing lives on...
listening to my kids play together is always so funny.
Lizzie: The princess wants Darth Vader's wife to be beautiful.
David: Yeah but Darth Vader is trying to kill his wife. And their first stop is their friends' house.
Lizzie, showing David her polly pocket which is dressed up in Sleeping Beauty's clothes: Look, here's DV's wife.
David: oh yeah. Look, he has his gun pointed at his friend's house.

Oh the joys of Star Wars Polly Pocket Lego playing!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

photoshoot at Tash's

Monday we visited our friends the Abelmans. The weather wasn't warm enough for swimming, but it wasn't raining. So I got snappy with my camera and got some pictures of all of us. Watch out, there's lots of narcissm in this post!!

Popsicles make for the best summertime pictures. And the best summertime treats too!

Not sure why, but I seem to have a tendancy to attack my food these days...

David needs to visit a dentist, stat!

We missed Riley's birthday party, so we brought her present out on Monday and then we headed to Birchwood Dairy for ice cream! yum.

Vancouvers Roadtrip

For Andrew's last day of vacation, we decided to head up the river to the Vancouvers. Our first stop was supposed to be Horseshoe Bay, but there wasn't a single parking spot there, so after cruising around for a bit, we headed to our second stop, Lonsdale Quay.

Lizzie came dressed in her finest:

And the first order of business was to visit the Quay.

We stopped for a bite to eat.

And listened to the live music. They were actually very good. I'd buy their cd...if I knew who they were!

There's the city of Vancouver across the water!

Seeing this photo reminded me that in all the times our family has visited Stanley Park, we've never visited the totem poles there. Funny considering that's all I remember of my trips there as a child...

Next we wandered up Lonsdale to find my old office building. Passed a little restaurant.

There it is! I was on the second floor. And that condo building is parked right about where I used to leave my car...

The market where I used to stop for granola bars and fruit for lunch.

Here I am standing in what used to be the parking lot beside my building.

And when I worked here, my best bud, Julius worked for ICBC. So we used to meet as often as we could for lunch here next to his building. Ahhhh the memories...

After our stroll, we decided to continue on to The Village at Park Royal. One of our favorite gelato places, Lugano, used to be located here. Alas, no more.

But luckily, a Rogers Chocolates had opened the day previously. This was lucky on two counts. One, we'd promised the kids ice cream and needed to deliver. But also, I can't eat Rogers ice cream. Way too rich. So I was not tempted one little bit. Yay :)

Ahem, that's me with Andrew's ice cream. I settled for a delicious non-fat latte from across the road.

Mr. "I love this shirt cause everyone can see my muscles when I wear it..."

And now that we'd tackled North and West Vancouver, we headed across the Lion's Gate Bridge to Vancouver City to wander around Stanley Park.

It really is lovely there. One day this summer we're going to go back with a picnic and walk the sea wall.

I had no idea how bad the devastation to our trees was at Stanley Park. Yes I know. Despite the news stories. I don't think you can tell till you walk through the forest and see all the broken trees.

A perfect end to our vacation.