Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tinky the Tiger enjoying dancing around the room. But we couldn't persuade Davey to put his costume on. Yes, he did want to go trick or treating. But he didn't want to be a lion.

Her cute little tail.

Luckily, after we got our first two trick or treaters, he changed his mind.

Andrew took the kids out while I answered the door. Apparently Davey would knock on the door and start yelling even before it was opened. Then, towards the end, Tink tried to say Trick or treat too. So I asked her to say it when she got home...almost perfect. Incredible since she refuses to say almost any other words!!

Party at Preschool!

Yesterday was the highly anticipated party at Davey and Jade's preschool. Davey, of course, went as Bob the Builder:

Here he is in his classroom. Note the bats they made?

Excited to notice me and Tink peeking in the window. These shapes on the window tell what each child loves best about Halloween. Not surprisingly, Davey's favorite thing is the pumpkins (and more importantly the pumpkin patch!)

Jade is here!

Doesn't she make a darling Chicken?

Bob, working on home renovations:

Then at 10 we got to come back and join in the party. Here's Jade and Kat checking out rat bones or monkey brains or something equally gross! (must say, despite the funny face, my sister looks spectacular here!)

Davey joins in:

While Tink plays in the big kitchen.
Then it was time for FOOOOOD!
And Tink said, "If I'd known this was what you did at school, I'd have come a long time ago!"

Chocolate face.
Showing off his tatt and ring.

And Jade shows me hers.

A shot of the kids in their costumes:

Incidentally, this was my 2,500th posting. I think this calls for some sort of celebration. Perhaps we'll all dress in costume and eat lots of candy tonight or something similarly fun...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


We've been trying to coordinate a sleepover party for the munhkins for a while. Friday it happened! Davey and Jadey are reading a bedtime story (or two) just before bedtime.

On Saturday we went to Cultus Lake. There's an awesome playground there that the kids love. Jadey couldn't believe that her mom and dad didn't know about it when they were camping here last summer. Of course that time of year I'm sure it's really, really crowded.

Still, it's a great playground. And luckily we don't mind coming even in the rain.

On Tuesday Davey spent the day at Kat's house. He got to meet Ellie, their dog, for the first time. And was terrified. And has been terrified off and on ever since. I didn't anticipate this at all since we've met dogs frequently while out walking on the beach and he's never seemed scared. Yesterday at the playground he was crossing one of the bridges when he suddenly had (what I guess I would call a) panic attack and freaked out. We were probably at the playground for an hour and it was only the last 15 minutes or so that he started playing like he normally does.

Tired little Tinky. She really waned to go on the swings. I had to steer her away from the first set to this one because it's the only one with a baby swing. She was SO mad! You can still see she's been crying and grumpy...

Our cute little twins!

More pink cuteness!

This is when he was still scared. Those two bridges (not the one he's on but the two behind him) both sway. So he stuck to the one fixed bridge and the small slide for a while.

And this is today. Just had to get a picture of Tink in her cute little winter boots...

And Daveyboy to mission control...over and out!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I was going through our blog history today and realized that I've hardly taken any pictures of my kids lately. Oh I hear you scoffing, but seriously, I don't think I have any pictures of Tink's first tooth and now she has here's today's photoshoot...