Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The last of the Christmassing

We had big plans for Christmas. The break started late, so there wasn't a lot of time to do things before Christmas, but after Christmas we had plans for crafts and board games and little local trips. But first on Christmas Day Camille got sick. Then Rob on Boxing Day, Eireen on the 27th and Cara on the they didn't come to visit us.

I had been sick before Christmas but I thought I was over it. Then on Boxing Day my temperature nose dived. To the point where I had to stop googling. And I was exhausted. And just feeling like crud. Still, children need to be entertained.

So we made crafts.

And some of us slept.

Adelaide had seen Popsicle stick nativities at grandma's house and really wanted to make one herself. We had Popsicle sticks, so we obliged.

Well done Adelaide!

All of us participated (yes, even me!)

David, experimenting with how on TV if you hide in the curtains no one ever sees you (good place for baddies to hide if they get surprised in a house, right?) And how it totally doesn't work IRL.

Made for some cute pictures though.

Still sleeping!

We moved on to Christmas Trees.

And hilarity.
And later that night it snowed again. So the kids went out to play!

I lasted all of two minutes. And then it was too cold and I needed sleep.

Not to bang on about our rubbish Christmas, but that was the end of things for us. I came down with a sinus/chest infection and we spent the rest of Christmas break doing a whole lot of nothing (which my family actually really enjoyed!)

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day!

 Happy Christmas! We started the day with prezzies.

 Elisabeth was delightfully excited over her new instamax.

And then, with no better offers, we decided to head to the river for a fire. Probably the biggest mistake I made all year. But at the time we all felt great and it was loads of fun!

 David got an airsoft rifle and pistol for Christmas. He brought his targets and set about shooting things.

And Elisabeth burned through her Christmas books. Erm, that may be a poor choice of words considering the fire. I just mean she read them very quickly.

David showed Andrew how to shoot things too.

I had a go as well, but I'm rubbish at shooting AND I sliced my finger open trying to reload. That's the end of that then.

Our Christmas dinner was hot dogs and potato chips.

Okay, so there were three of us having fires today. One group at the first site, we were about half way down and way down the other end were a couple of families at one site with small kids. They kept letting their kids wander off (kids being under 6  by the looks of things). This log was half in the water. I was so angry that they wouldn't keep a better eye on them considering how cold and fast the river is. Thankfully I didn't have to dive in the river to save anyone.

 Melting our boots.

 What a beautiful day.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Brunch

 Ruben and Dave came over and made brunch on Christmas Eve.

 Though, to be honest, Ruben mostly entertained me so Dave could get on with things in the kitchen.

 After Mass, Alexis, Ada and Solomon joined us as well.

 And then Jade...who to our delight had the same pjs on as Elisabeth!

 We got in some bubbie time.

 Isn't he adorable?!

 The girls changed, and we got ready for pictures.

 We're missing Cara and Camille because stupid flu. But here are the rest of the grandies.

 And because these kids are so cute, I can't just choose one.

And then Ashlie got some baby time too!

 Oh, and here's proof the ever adorable Kathi and Cody were here as well! No pictures of me, mum, Alexis or Andrew though!