Sunday, February 21, 2016

Forest ramblings

Ada, David and I attempted to go to the beach today. I blame Facebook memories. Seriously, they're bombarding me CONSTANTLY with Epic Days Out and I felt like I needed one today.

Unfortunately, we got rained out at the beach.

So we headed to the Forest. Redwood Forest, to be precise.

I love this house. I would love to live in a house like this.

In a forest like this.

Just around the house there is a little grove of shrubs. Just perfect for children to hide out.

Ada loved it.

I had been calling her my little monkey. And that's when she decided she needed to climb th tree and hang from it's branches like a little monkey.

Eventually Aunty had to help her. And then we settled for posing in the branches like a monkey.

Eventually we moved on - we had fairy villages to visit.

"Hello? Is anybody home?"

Meanwhile, David was setting up Instagram ops.

What about in this house? Is anybody home?

We moved on to admiring the home decor (wind chimes, anyone?!)

To trying to fix all the broken pieces.

Meanwhile, David continued taking pictures.

Here's an example of what he was up to.

Pro-D day at Grouse

The kids didn't have school (again) so Andrew and I took Friday off. We invited Dave's family to join us as we used our annual local's passes to get up the mountain.

Someone was very excited about all the snow.

Pretty much the first thing she did as soon as her gloves were on.

Meanwhile, her dad was pretty much equally (or more) excited.

The kids got straight to building.

If you're familiar with Grouse Mountain, you'll probably see that we didn't even make it on to the slopes. Straight off the gondola and on to the rooftop of the restaurant/lodge.

Where the snow was basically untouched and fabulous.

It was windy and cold and SNOWING and pure bliss.

We stayed out there for about an hour.

And I tried to take pictures while everyone threw snow at me.



We finally got off the roof of the lodge and out to the skating pond.

Ada (who has NO FEAR) was a natural on the ice.

The skating is always a big hit and Friday was no exception.

After a little while, Ada tired of the skating and decided to eat snow.

While Elisabeth taught Haylea how to skate without a bar.

Look at those happy, pink faces.

And Ada found a sliding hill. Again. No fear.

Unfortunately, conditions were deteriorating rapidly, so we didn't get to do the sleigh ride, or wander around much. But that just made us so much more ready to go again. Soon.

Just because they're cute!