Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hey Jane, I was randomly browsing through your archives last night (couldn't sleep, it's good reading material!) when I came across this picture. I love it. And so I thought I'd post it in honour of your birthday. I hope you don't mind.

Thank you for your friendship, for never giving up on me and the rest of the WAG even though we're lame and can never get our act together. I'm really thankful that God brought our paths together. And I'd love to do any of #s 3, 28, 44, 72, 73, 80, & 82 with you (can you tell I'm totally into the fun ones??)

Happy birthday! Love ya!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yesterday I stole the car and headed west to see my fambly. The kids played at the park while me, Kat and Tinker went grocery shopping. See how much fun they had??

Oh...I guess this picture is from before we left with tink.

Once we were home again me and tink went for a walk. You see, she lovvvvves being pushed in the stroller and *I* love going for walks (plus I need the exercise). Andrew was home sick so he stayed and snuggled with Davey while we walked.

"how glorious the deep blue sky!"

Sittin' on a tree stump eatin' some raisins.

Now I have to go cause I want to post on my other blog for once!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just checked on the kids. Tink must have gotten up after I put her in bed. All of her teddy bears were in a nice little row, tucked under the covers next to her.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The weather forecast yesterday was calling for rain. Somehow though, we still had blue skies and it was WARM. So when I got up at 6am I decided to pack a picnic and try and hit the beach before the rain did. I'm glad we did because it was GORGEOUS all day. Despite the SPF 50 he was wearing, Andrew got a bit of a burn, but the kids were fine. Here are the kids...SO excuted to be heading to the beach again!!

The water was FRIGID. No other way to put it. I usually will go in to my knees and spend a lot of the time in the water. Yesterday I was able to get in about to my ankles and by that time I already was starting to feel like my blood wasn't circulating anymore. Needless to say I didn't go in the water anymore than I had to!!

Tink looks like she's crying here, but she was actually singing.

Tink decided she was going to bring all the driftwood up to me and dump it on my lap.

Andrew dug a hole which Davey filled with water and tink spent most of her time (when she wasn't rearranging the driftwood) sitting in the water there. I suppose because it was so much warmer than the lake.

yea. COLD.

And the last picture before my camera died. Sad days.

We got home and had supper then the kids wanted to wash the car. We'd just finished rinseing it off when HUGE drops of rain began pelting us. The drops quickly turned to a downpour which then turned to a thunder and lightning storm. We watched from our balcony and it was magnificent.

So, this is the update from Saturday. Here's my crew outside dinotown. We got there a wee bit early and had to wait for them to open the doors!!

The girls raced for the train immediately! Note how Tink is being a big girl now that she has the other two big girls to play with? She even insisted on sleeping in the big bed with them. She only lasted 15 minutes, but still...

Jadey in jail while Davey laughs manically behind!

We finally persuaded the kids to play golf. Davey really, really wants to play golf again.


Then it was off to the water park cause it was H.O.T.!!
They've added this slidey pool since last time. It was a BIG hit!

Then we just had time to watch a show before it was time to go.

Back at home, the girls have left with their parents and it's time for lunch.
(cute face, hunh?!)

None of us felt like driving anywhere so we decided to walk the trail near our house. We decided to put Tink in the stroller for it even though I knew there were quite a few stairs. It turned out fine, she loves being in the stroller and Davey enjoyed walking.

Almost at the top...of how far we went. Nice view from up here!!

yup. Hiking is tiring business!

Then it was time to cool off in the pool.

...or the water table. Whatever works ;)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

big sigh

I know I promised I would update more this weekend, but seriously, it's been crazy. We're going to list our house tomorrow and we've been trying to enjoy as much sunshine and Chilliwack as possible before we move back west.

Today we were out at Harrison Lake and I really need to go wash the lake off of me before going to bed. This is a pic of the two wee ones having a lunch break in between playing in the mud and water.

Just before this picture was taken, Davey accidently kicked a whole pile of sand onto my blanket. Which is where I stupidly put my camera down while I got Tink settled for lunch. This is the last picture my camera would take. It's now full of sand and the motor won't work properly. I even had to take the memory card out to download the pictures. You might recall I only got this camera 9 months ago, but sand in your works is considered misuse of the camera (?! Seriously??? That's stupid!) and according to the online comments I've read, I'm not guaranteed they'll be able to fix it. Anyone ever had this happen before? Should I try springing for it to be repaired? I hear it could cost at least $100. I only paid $300 for this and while I can't afford that for a new camera, I definitely can't afford $100 to not fix it!!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Preview

I know that all of you are on the edge of your seats...unable to leave your homes until you find out what we were up to today. And, so that you can enjoy the little bit of sunshine left for today let me give you a sneak preview...

Here is my crew waiting for Dinotown to open this morning:

The girls waiting for the first train ride of the day.

And this afternoon, instead of going to the beach, we hiked part of Mount Thom. We only did part because it is hard pushing a stroller up this hill!!