Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The big camp: the last day

So of course since we'd decided that camping was the worst thing ever on the face of the universe, our last day was perfect. And I'm actually glad cause that meant we went out on a high and we really, desperately want to camp again. If it had poured we probably would have burned our stuff and never camped again ever. Too bad we have to wait till next year now.

Denis suggested we go to the Othello Tunnels and the water slides. Buuuuut...we took a wrong turn and ended up at the Hope Slides instead. We won't talk about that though aside from showing you how beautiful those slides are.

Isn't this gorgeous?

While I was busy admiring the view from a safe place, Kandace kidnapped my son and took him off into the middle of the slides. At first I could rescue him, because Elisabeth was hiding in the car (trying to keep warm). Eventually she came back out and we headed down into the slides to try and find my son.

On the way we found a chipmunk.

And more beautiful landscapes.

As long as I stayed on the trail, I felt safe. Safe enough to build an inukshuk actually.

Elisabeth built one too.

That little red blob is one of our kids (eep!)

I finally worked up the nerve to follow the boys. And by follow, I mean almost die of fear (there were rocks precariously piled against each other which dozens of feet of crevasses and it was terrifying).

That's my boy. He really wanted to show me his rock and the cool place he'd found.

I took a couple pictures of him and his sister...

And then I got the heck out of dodge because I was SO sure we were going to move some rocks and and fall to our deaths (or at least to our trappededness) and never be found.

So then we got on the right road, and headed to the Othello Tunnels.

We take this picture every year.

This is one of my favorite places ever in the whole entire world.

Which is funny since the first time I came here I nearly died of fear.

Don't forget to look up. The view is awesome.

My new iPhone takes great pictures in the dark.

Just saying.

We've been here when the salmon are spawning. Not this time, but I'd like to come back and see it again.

After the tunnels, we stopped for lunch in Hope.

It's so pretty here.
Then there's a bunch of wood carvings here that are really cool. Go look at them.

After lunch, we went to Cultus Lake to sliiiiiiide.

Okay, I lie. I was there to read and take pictures.

Nothing makes me happier than watching Elisabeth's face on these slides. This girl is alive.

Pure joy.
My boy prefers the river rapids. Or the Bridal Falls slides.

But he had fun and that's all I care about.

This picture cracks me up because all I heard as Denis flew by me was profanities. I don't think he touched the slide the whole way down.