Friday, March 31, 2006

Them boots

Remember this? Well, Davey's boots finally fit him. And BOY O BOY does he ever love 'em!!!

Today Jadey came over to play while Ashlie was at school. This was a big deal cause she's been sick since Tuesday so if we have seen her, she hasn't wanted to do anything but snuggle. As you can see, other than having lost a few pounds, she's back to her usual self. YAY!! Posted by Picasa

The three muskateers. Notice Davey's lush locks! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Mush over mumma, we're coming down! Posted by Picasa

Yee ha! Freedom here we come! Posted by Picasa

Drat, hit a road block. "MOOOOOOOOM!!!" Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Please Auntie, can we go visit the duckies?? Posted by Picasa

Insert your own caption here. I've no idea what Davey was saying... Posted by Picasa

WOOO hooooo...Jadey whizzing 'round the living room on her "mokor bike". Posted by Picasa

This happened when I was trying to get the picture of Jadey riding her motorcycle...little mr showoff ran over and shoved his mug right in the camera lens. I REALLY don't know where he gets THAT from! Posted by Picasa

I finally broke down and bought davey a big boy blankie. Curious George actually. This is his reaction when I showed him he got to sleep with it tonight. Silly baby. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

today was Andrew's birthday. Both Andrew and Davey got new tools for the occasion. Here they are looking very excited with their presents! Posted by Picasa

Andrew and one of his new tools. Posted by Picasa

A hammer makes a good chew toy. Posted by Picasa

Still holding his hammer...sort of. Posted by Picasa

Andrew with the birthday cake his co-workers surprised him with. Some people sure get spoiled on their birthdays. Posted by Picasa

Here's Andrew in his office. Look at all his pretty balloons. And that's a fist full of chocolates my happy boy is holding. Mnnn mnnnn. Posted by Picasa

When he finally put his new tools down, Davey decided he HAD to have the TV remote. Outside. Can you spot the remote in all four pictures? What a man!!! Posted by Picasa

My busy boy takes a few minutes to fix my front door. Thanks Davey! Posted by Picasa

Telling Dad about his day. Posted by Picasa

Davey enjoying his dinner at Dad's birthday party. Posted by Picasa

Big Dave has ghostly white hands. wild. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

While Mom's away...

Ever wonder what the kids get up to during the day while I'm at work? I know I do. I came home to a FULL camera tonight. What fun!

Good to know I have to wash the toothbrushes tonight!

Auntie Katt catches a snuggle with her favorite nephew.

And we were just saying that Jadey never smiles in pictures. Well, here's a great smile.

And another one!

Davey wondering what all the commotion is at our house! Not at all like usual!!

Doesn't take him long to join in though.

And now that he can climb into chairs, there's no stopping him. Pleased as punch with his chair climbing abilities!