Monday, May 31, 2010


This morning, after we dropped David off at school and read with the kindergartners, Elisabeth and I headed to South Surrey to do some birthday present shopping. Have you ever been trapped in a car with a preschooler? No? Well, let me tell you, you're in for some kind of conversation.

With both of my kids, it's almost non-stop chatter and the topics hop faster than I can keep up with them. But I'll try and regurgitate some of Elisabeth's here now:

Me: Ellie, last night I applied for a job at Starbucks. Do you know what that means?
E: No, mama, what does that mean?
Me: That when you come into Starbucks, mama could be working there. I could be the lady that makes your hot chocolate.
E: Oh. I have an idea mama. You can do the dish washing.
Me: ?!


Me: So I tried to call Daddy and tell him that we were going to get coffee. I thought he might like to come with us. But he's in a meeting this morning.
E: oh. But mama, what if there's a girl in the meeting? What if he decides to marry the girl?
Me: ?!
E: But don't worry, mama. We'll try and get rid of her for you.


E: Do you know what would happen mama, if a wolf came?
Me: No Ellie, what would happen?
E: He would huff and puff and huff and puff and huff and puff. And then he would die because he wouldn't have any breath left.
Me: (well, at least you're not talking about Daddy's next wife anymore...)


E: You know what mama?
Me: No Ellie, what?
E: One day, daddy will walk away from that girl and then you can come back.
Me: You mean the girl in the meeting?
E: Uh hunh. One day, daddy will walk away from her. And we'll keep you safe until then and then you can come back.
Me: Okay. Thank you, Tinky.


E: Mama?
Me: Yes, Tinky?
E: I wish we were robots.
Me: ?!


E: Mama?
Me: Yes Ellie?
E: My shirts keep disappearing. I have almost no shirts left.
Me: Really? Where are they all going?
E: They're at Uncle Dave's house. He takes them and makes them too big. And then he gives them to grandma to wear.
Me: uhhh
E: Mama?
Me: Yes?
E: Do you like Roast Beef?
Me: Yes, Ellie I suppose I do. Do you like Roast Beef?
E: No, mama, it makes me sad. Cause then the roast beef has to die.
Me: Well, do you like chicken?
E: Yes.
Me: But chickens have to die too.
E: Yes, but chickens are naughty. I don't like chickens.
Me: Hunh.


E: Oh mama?
Me: Yes, Ellie?
E: I have an idea! I will do chores at Starbucks too. Mine will be to make the coffee and apple juice.
Me: How come you get to make coffee and apple juice and I have to wash the dishes?
E: Because mama, that's your chores.


And a few weeks ago, when we were doing our groceries, Elisabeth looked over to where our favorite coffee shop used to be.

E: Mama?
Me: Yes, Ellie?
E: I think we should kill those builder guys and make the BBQ place our coffee shop again.
Me: Uhm, Ellie?
E: Yes, mama?
Me: Killing those builder guys isn't a very good idea. Maybe we could just go across the road to Starbucks some times?
E: Okay mama. Can I have a hot chocolate?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Queen Elizabeth Park and Granville Island

Our last trip, on holiday Monday, was to Queen Elizabeth Park. We'd never been there before but Leona had heard that the park was pretty phenomenal. And it was!

There are some of these growing in a ditch near our house. I've always wondered what on earth they are, but because they look like rhubarb, I call them the giant rhubarb. Turns out, that's what they're called! Leona was fascinated by them too and wanted a pic. So I made her and Andy stand with them for scale. They're pretty neat plants. But not for making giant pies with apparently :(

Hopping across the rocks at the waterfall.

And taking a break on the way up the stairs.

We went inside the Bloedel Conservatory. There were so many amazing kinds of flowers, plants, trees and birds. David really liked these ones.

I really liked the feathers on this bird!

And all the orchids.

All the birdies were pretty cute too.

I was excited to see these plantains. What a crazy flower they grow on!

Then we walked up to the dancing fountain.

And posed at the lookout point.

Then we strolled back down the hill and had a picnic. Last time we were here, I think I was pregnant with David and at a game at Nat Bailey Stadium. Okay, the only other time I've been here....

There was lots of day left, so we headed to Granville Island to stroll around the market.

Where I spotted some fiddleheads. Funny because we'd just been talking about them. I remember trying these when I was about tink's age. In my memory they were delicious. Next spring I'll come back and buy some to try again.

The flower market is my favorite, yet I've never bought anything there. And no, I didn't see any banana plants.

I know most people would be creeped out by these buskers, but they were actually really sweet. And they could sing too!

Then we walked to the docks to check out the house boats. As it turns out, it was a gorgeous afternoon.

Vancouver Aquarium & Stanley Park

On Friday David stayed home from school so that we could use up our Aquarium tickets. See, I told you that seeing starfish at the ocean was fortuitous! As it happens though, Leona had a really bad cold that wasn't going away. So it was just the five of us making the trip to Stanley Park.

The first order of business was watching the Beluga show. It was, as always, spectacular! Then we unpacked our picnic lunch and ate right by the beluga pool.

While everyone else watched the dolphin show, I looked in the tide pools. I had no idea there were so many different coloured starfish. It was pretty spectacular. Especially since I could stick my hand in the water and touch everything! SO rad.

David played with a walrus.

Then we watched the belugas for a while.

Next we went to watch the belugas from underground too. There was a volunteer down in the dolphin pit who showed us how to call the belugas over. Because dolphins need oxygen to live, they sleep with half their brain. So in other words, they will shut down one half of their brain and one eye while the other half stay awake and alert.

Anyway, when the dolphins swim around, you try to catch their attention by waving. If they're asleep, you might have to try for a while until you get the attention of the side that's awake! But once the dolphins see you, they are super friendly and will come right up to the glass.

Apart from talking to the dolphins, the highlight of our trip was probably the 4D show. It was one of the Planet Earth movies, in 3D, plus with the added features of smell and touch. Spectacular!

We stopped by the jellyfish.

And tried out our newfound dolphin knowledge on the tortoise. It seemed to work.

This bad sloth was hanging off the irrigation system. The staff were trying to lure him down with food, but he ignored them and made his way to the food hanging from the ceiling...and ate while still hanging from the water pipes.

Baby beluga.

On the way out we stopped at this tree. There are a lot of reminders of the big storm of a few years ago. This is one of the most impressive. I think our kids are old enough to attempt walking the sea wall this summer. We haven't done it in years and I'd love to see the whole of Stanley Park again.

Terri, if you're reading this, I really wanted you to see this picture. Something about it reminds me SO much of Ayden!

It was tough having Bill & Leona here and not getting to see you as well. The kids are even more determined to head to Ontario soon. I hope we will. xo

This is Elisabeth trying on the dress Grandma made for her.

On Wednesday we had a few brief moments of sunshine. We decided to head to Whiterock but as we got there, the sun disappeared. We still enjoyed a beautiful walk along the pier.

Leona and I walked a little slower than the guys. There were too many things to look at along the way. Then we finally caught up with the boys who were very engrossed in looking at something in the water.
Starfish! I'd never seen them in Whiterock before. Totally cool. And a good warm up for our next excursion...