Thursday, November 03, 2016

It's campfire season again

There's a campground along the river here in Langley - it's reserved for campers from April 1 - October 31st, but between November - March anyone can go use the sites for day use. We try to get there at least a few times each winter for a day of burning things, eating and playing.

As you can see, it's a beautiful spot to spend the day.

This particular day, the campground was packed with fishermen (and women). We couldn't get a site to ourselves so we ended up using the shelter (which actually was much nicer since the picnic tables are covered there - perfect for our gamers and food).

 There was also a lot of traffic on the water. We watched many tug boats tooling up and down the river, plus fishers in their boats and people just out joyriding.

David had brought a board game with him, so he and Griff and I set up under the shelter with Nate supervising.

 I think David was trying out games for Hallowe'en day when he had been encouraged to bring board games to school. This one was called Spy Alley and was a little bit like a cross between Monopoly and Clue, only with spies instead of murderers or hotels.

 After I'd played one round, I insisted I needed to go sit by the fire. This flu has kicked my butt (I still feel like crap), and so I was bundled up like an old woman and just snoozed in my chair except when I'd get up occasionally to take pictures.

Andrew and Lizzie skipped rocks at the water's edge.

And I think David played three or four rounds of this game.

Hat hair!

Meanwhile Nate spent most of the day chopping wood and messing with the fire. Takes after his dad, this one.

Lizzie also tinkered with the wood - though she was interested in artistic expression as well as chopping.

I dragged these two into the fire to take some pictures.

 Yah, so that worked out well.

 And then I took my place by the fire again and took pictures of Gandalf and his pipe.

 There's a beautiful bridge at the day use area of the park, and I really wanted some pictures of Elisabeth by it. Normally the walk should take five minutes, and it's all flat. No problem.

 It took me fifteen each way and when we got back I was exhausted. See? This flu sucks.

 But I did get some pictures.

 And then I noticed the light hitting the mountains in Maple Ridge/Mission.

 What a view those people must have from their home. River on one side, those mountains on the other.