Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am very much a creature of habit and almost always stick to the same routes whenever I'm driving somewhere. The other day I happened to take a different route home though, and drove past an old park/playground that had been given a facelift...and is now perfect for preschoolers. So on Sunday afternoon we decided to check it out.

Me and the kids rode this see saw thing. There was actually another little girl on here with us who ended up playing with Elisabeth almost the whole time we were there.

This park is actually pretty close to us. Andrew and I used to walk past it all the time when we were dating, but lately we've stuck to either the park behind us, the park one block up or the school where our kids will go. It's nice to know there's another option for when we want a longer walk!

Unfortunately it was just really, really hot on Sunday and this playground didn't offer much shade. So we ended up leaving after only a few minutes. But now we know how great it is, I'm sure we'll be back!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lately the kids have been doing a marvellous job of playing together, usually in David's room. In fact, most nights we have to go upstairs repeatedly after putting them to bed to separate them and stop them from playing.

So today while I was folding laundry, I wasn't really surprised that I could hear them again in David's room. Still, after about a half hour I decided to check on them.

...and found a trail makeup marks down the hallway and all over David's door. I opened the door (much as I didn't want to) and found David STILL not dressed (lately I can not get him to put clothes on!) And Elisabeth covered from head to toe in my makeup and Andrew's hair products.

Her hair was almost pure white she had so much styling crap in it and it was standing on end. One eyebrow and one cheek were black from all the mascara. The rest of her face was alternately thick with foundation/concealer or coated in my cream eye shadow. As was her white tshirt and her legs (which also still bear the scribble marks from when she found a pen and coloured her legs after going to bed last night.

No, there are no pictures. You'll have to make do with the mental images. I got them, the room and the hallway cleaned and I'm trying to work up the courage to go look in my bathroom...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Since Raspberry season is apparently almost over, me and the kids went to Krause's again this week. We got five pounds of raspberries, 4 of the everbearing strawberries and ten pounds of (prepicked) blueberries. Dave is eating the blueberries like mad. Since we only have one week till Staff Conference and from there the rest of the summer is pretty much a write off, I thought I'd better get in the blueberries as well. Now I just have to try to get some blackberries!

They're so pretty! and soooo yummy!

This is the first beet from the garden.

Elisabeth got to ride her trike to the park. Here we're waiting and waiting and waiting for Daddy and Davey to catch up with us. *sigh*

Apparently we don't need to go to Minter Gardens to find beautiful flowers.

Davey using the playground phone...

Wow, apparently he's a climber.

And here he's playing dead.

Both kids managed to hold on to go all the way across there. We don't need to hold them, but they like the reassurance of knowing we're right behind them.

So yesterday we're in the car and the kids are talking. Tinky responds to David with "What are you talking about Willis?" And David rejoins with "What are you talking about Willis?" and then world war 3 breaks out over which of them is Willis. G-reat.

For some reason, Dave and Alexis have been letting us hang out with them when they go on their weekly jaunts. I'm not complaining; it's been awesome getting to explore new places and the kids both love them. This week we went to Minter Gardens, which is not a new place, but we tried the Wild Cat Grill, which is. And look at my delicious curried chicken pita. YUM!

Lunch was good! Then it was time to explore the gardens.

Buzz came along for the trip.

The two Daves went for a carriage ride.

"I told you it was your responsibility to bring the horse!"

Rupert came along too. He was my cousin Gayna's, but she gave him to me when I was born. Now David loves having him too.

Once home, Spidergirl decided Buzz needed a haircut.

Then she transformed into Helvetia...after all, if she'd been born five days earlier that would have been her name!

Sumer Skating Lessons

After his skating field trip last spring, Davey's been talking a lot about learning to skate. So when I saw these summer skating lessons, I decided to sign him up. So far, he's still learning to stand up.

But he's got absolutely no fear of throwing himself on the ice. The makings of a goalie maybe?

And he pays good attention to his teacher.

Minter Gardens Classic Car Show

On July 12th we went to the Minter Gardens Classic Car Show. Wow were there a lot of cars there!

You can tell from the picture, right? We went first thing in the morning and I don't think there were a ton of people there. So it was perfect.

Davey really enjoyed looking at all the cars. He even brought his camera along.

Elisabeth did a lot of posing.

Here's the gang.

Davey crying, I can't remember why, but since I post so many pictures of Elisabeth crying I thought I'd slip one of him in too.

Next stop was the Country Garden Store for me to document all the flowers I love.

And for the kids to find the tracks the Christmas Train runs on.

And then home for a wrestling match. Looks like Spidey has finally met his match!