Friday, September 28, 2007

Anyone still reading this?

Sometime last year I started to feel like blogging was more of a chore than a pleasure. Around that time I promised myself that if I still felt that way, I could quit when I hit post #2500. I'm at 2482. So....Does anyone look at this anymore? I haven't made my mind up one way or the other yet, since it's a good record of our kids' first few years and I am hoping to save it for them to have one day, but I am wondering...

Davey instigated a photo shoot the other day. I realised I hadn't done a real posed one in a while.

Tink wasn't quite as cooperative.

Later that day we walked out to the preschool up the hill. Tink made a bee line for the tractor.

And Davey for the leaves...

A couple showed up with their two sons who happened to be the same age as my kids. I got to talking with the mom and she was telling me about the church her family attends. It's a Fellowship Baptist (which is what we attended in Surrey) and since we haven't settled 100% on a church I said we'd come for a visit. Funnily enough, she says everyone there has a 3 year old and a one year old. Just like us. And just like everyone at our old church in Surrey.

I was also motivated to write my very first letter to the mayor today. There's been a lot of coverage in the Chilliwack papers about the desire for a commuter rail line between Chilliwack and Vancouver. Our mayor is apparently opposed to it because it would make Chilliwack a bedroom community. Isn't it already a bedroom community? Everyone I know commutes out west every day.

Big plans for tomorrow: We're heading south with my brother Rob to get some cross border shopping done. It only took me two weeks, but I've persuaded Andrew to come as well. That means I can spend more since there will be four of us (plus Rob) instead of just me ;oP I'm hoping to get my Christmas shopping done and maybe pick up some new work pants for Drew since he's starting to look like a hobo.

Oh...this is the big field next to our complex. Any minute now it will be transformed into a playground, walking trails, skate park, and street hockey court. I'm SO excited. I had heard it should be completed by this month, but since they're still dumping fill in to level it out I think we have a bit of a wait ahead of us still.

The morning mist around my favorite barn on the drive to Davey's preschool:

And another scene from our twice weekly commute. I LOVE fall!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I should also note that Dave got his first haircut yesterday. Yes, that's right. His FIRST EVER haircut. I kept the wee tiny bit of hair I cut off.

We've been debating for about a month whether or not we should get his hair cut. Parts of his hair were so long they grew from the top of his head all the way down to his neck. Seriously bad comb over. Other parts are only one point five inches long. So I tried to make it all the same length. Terrified that either it would look really bad or that it would somehow get rid of all his curls.

You can see from todays pictures that it doesn't look too bad and his curls are definitely not gone. We gave him a bath tonight and he's still got a LOT of curls. Yay.

Sunday at the Beach!!

The weather was so gorgeous today we just had to get somewhere nice! The great thing about living here is that there are so many nice places to go! Today we went to Harrison...

We didn't know that the Fraser Valley Dragon Boating cup was going on, so there was NOWHERE to park. well, we found somewhere eventually. Here we are making our way to the beach. Notice Daveyboy looking up at his daddy??

While we were driving to Harrison I noticed there was quite a bit of snow on the mountains that wasn't there the last time we drove out that way. See it?

Okay, so finally...some beach pictures...Here's Davey. He's learned from Daddy that the secret to a good sandcastle is to keep your sand moist.

All my kids hard at work. It never fails when we're at the beach that we have some kids who want to come play with us. These two girls were honest though: "we don't want to play with you, but can we use your tools?"

Jumping in our hole.

Oh yes. I decided to bring shorts for everyone. Tink was the only one who wore hers on the beach. And her toque. Not that it was cold out, she just looks so cute in it!


The hole keeps getting deeper...

Oh and I also found some nets at one of the gift stores here in Harrison. I bought two because I noticed yesterday at Cultus that if you sit with your feet in the water, kazillions (literally!) of minnows show up. So me and davey are gonnna catch some!!

Can you spot daveyboy?

Seriously, this is the BEST place on earth!

Uh, Andrew? You okay???

Heh. Davey must take after his mumma. Have some sand daddy!!


I'm not gonna tell you again! GET UP NOW!!

muah hah hah ha

THIS is why I brought shorts to the beach today.

And moments later she did a face plant in to the lake. TWICE.

Warmed up, fed up and happy again.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Sunday we brought this table and chairs upstairs for the kids to eat at. Davey really enjoyed and continued eating there...even if it meant eating alone!

Going for a walk with mum on Friday:

Ouch! That hurt!!

Hmnnnn...what do I see (she reminds me of you TASH!)

OHhhhhh...No construction workers after all...just a bunch of trucks and portaloos.

Mr. Cheeky Face.

I should note that all three of us have had a wretched cold this week and aren't looking our best...that's why tink is so pale and tired looking.

Davey decided to try his hand at fishing.


This is at Cultus again.

Oh look. She walked right into the water. GER ate.

Oh but wait. I knew I should have brought a spare change of clothes for her!

Fishing again.

Uh yah. I was trying to get a picture of DAVEY.