Monday, June 30, 2008


Back to the beach today! What can I say we love the surf and sand :) Not as hot today, but a little bit busier.

It wasn't quite the same today and I think even the kids felt it. We'd only been there a few hours when they separately came to us and asked to go home. So we did.

After supper we took them down to the elementary school at the foot of the hill. I've LONG wanted to take them there, but we always forget about it. Anyway, the kids LOVED it here.

In fact, Davey asked if we could come back here instead of going to the beach tomorrow. Maybe we will...

It was pretty insanely hot. We only stayed for 20 minutes or so. But now that we know they like it here, you know we'll be back.

Check this out. I WISH they'd made gyms like this when I was a kid!


Yesterday we went to Harrison. Again...sooooo hot!! Thank goodness for the lake. And you know, the water wasn't even feeling cold anymore by yesterday! When we were at the beach on Friday with the Abelmans, Riley had a floatie the kids were really envious of. SaveOn had them on special for $1 so they each got one to play with. They were a HUGE hit!

Feeding her big brother strawberries. YUM!

Like I said, it was HOT at the beach! Ellie figured out how to cool herself off.

She's one smart cookie!

Ellie also made a friend at the beach. Jenna was three and very friendly. Tink really enjoyed following her around.


Well, you already know what we did on Friday. Here's what we did on Saturday...

Davey and Elisabeth LOVE veggie tales. Their favorite part is the silly songs. And luckily you can find an awful lot of them on youtube. Here the kids are watching the bunny song Saturday morning.

After breakfast we went to Grandma's house to do some yardwork...and play in the back yard :) Tink trying to decide where to use her sidewalk chalk.

It was unbelievably hot on Saturday. I LOVE the heat, but even I was wondering how we would accomplish anything in these temperatures!

There were construction workers hard at work on my sister's house so we started with the backyard. First we trimmed the trees that border the park.

Then we trimmed the bushes around the front of the house. I wish I'd gotten a before picture, but suffice it to say that the pile of trimmings was very, very big!

That tree by the window came down too. These trees sprout up all over the place. This one is a little too close to the house. Plus, they grow like weeds ;)

I only just planted this flower bed for Mother's Day but it was already overrun too.

I planted this purple plant when we lived in the basement suite. I was commenting to Andrew that it needed a serious haircut and Andrew asked me what the plant was. "I'm not sure, I just bought it because it's supposed to attract butterflies." Well, what do you know?! Here's a butterfly.

What has Ellie's attention? Uncle Rob is teaching Davey how to swing!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's been ages since we've seen our best friends, so (after having checked the weather forecast to make sure the weather would cooperate!) we decided to meet them at our favorite beach.