Thursday, September 30, 2004

Four days till "d" day...

October 4th is David's officially scheduled arrival date. I have to admit I thought he'd be here by now. I know, I know...wishful thinking. But it would be nice to start getting over the swollen feet and at least be able to look forward to wearing normal clothes again. Not to mention the fact that I'm anxiously looking forward to playing dolly with my bubba. (funny that, I was never one to play with dolls. But you should see all the cute clothes I've got for this kid. I can't wait to try them on him and take them off, and...I know my mum is just waiting to see how long it takes me to mix cement in his stroller).

Anyway, Andrew and I decided to put this page together so that our various friends and family members scattered abroad would be able to see and hear about David without waiting for us to call or email. Hopefully we're better at keeping THIS up to date than we are at actually phoning or emailing.

So, like I said at the beginning. Four days and counting. We'll keep you posted.

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