Tuesday, November 30, 2004

David can sit up by himself now...at least he doesn't fall flat on his face, he just kind of slides down until he's lying again. He's also discovered his fists and loves chomping on them :) Posted by Hello

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Tonight was the reunion of our prenatal class. We decided to dress Davey for the holiday season in honour of this party. It was really noisy, but it was good to see everyone, hear their stories, and of course! See all the beautiful babies.  Posted by Hello

Here's the whole class...Hannah, Anna, Tristan, Tyson, Coewen, and David Posted by Hello

David was alert and smiley, but wouldn't look at the cameras. He was fixated on something off to the side. Or maybe he was being coy. Either way, doesn't he look cute in his santa suit??  Posted by Hello

Here are the two girls from the reunion: Hannah (a mere five days old!) and Anna. Anna has lovely strawberry blonde hair, so cute! Posted by Hello

These are four of the boys from the group. From left to right: Tristan, Tyson, Coewen and Davey Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 28, 2004

awwww my boys are so cute Posted by Hello

This is my favorite so far. Posted by Hello

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A friend of mine, Cary, took pictures of us in Fort Langley today. We're going to use em for our Christmas cards, but here's some of my favorites that we probably won't use on cards... Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Birthday Davey! Aren't you looking BIG :) Posted by Hello

In the car today, David was very interested in looking at all the scenery whizzing by. He spends a lot of time trying to absorb his surroundings and even gets mad if you try to take him away from something before he's done looking. Posted by Hello

David is talking all the time now. He's usually awake for at least half the day and is very chipper and chatty. Posted by Hello

Jade, Ashlie and David Posted by Hello

Ashlie is sooo good with babies. I think she was born to be a big sister/cousin Posted by Hello

Jade is excited to be having her picture taken, but David looks like it's almost nap time... Posted by Hello

Davey and Jasper. Neither of them would stay still for the picture!! Posted by Hello

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Davey holding himself up and checkin' out the living room. "Hmmnnnn where's mommy, I'm feeling a mite peckish" Posted by Hello

Davey pushing himself up to get a better look at daddy Posted by Hello

This is Davey in his swing. He seems to like it in there and will talk to anyone who will listen while he's swinging to the nice music. Posted by Hello

Davey's getting so big. He can hold his head up all by himself. In fact, he can push himself up and frequently does to take in his surroundings. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

Tonight David had yet another party this time with David's friends at TWU.

Nicole, Cary and Esther. I think Esther's wishing she'd sat somewhere else. Just wait till Cary starts the play by play on David's poopie later...

Here Davey's checking out all the pretty ladies he gets to spend the evening with. And they're all here to see you dahling...

mnnnnnn cake.

Nicole has the magic touch. Davey's in a deep, snuggy sleep. Check out the hands. he's praying. Awwwwww

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