Thursday, December 29, 2016

Canyon Lights 2.0

My love for Capilano Suspension Bridge is well documented. I'd go there every day if I could. In fact, I'd live and work there. So I was thrilled when Ashlie chastised me for going to the canyon lights without her and cheerfully promised her that I was happy to go again.

It was raining when we left, but pretty much as we stepped out of the car, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Cue the chorus of hallelujahs.

Ashlie demanded that we do the Cliff Walk first. Of course, I replied. It's tradition!

It wasn't until we approached the entrance that she started to turn white. And as we descended she got distinctly more fearful looking.

It was so cute listening to her freak out.  Not serious freaking out or I would have been more sympathetic, I promise.

There was mist rising from the forest and river bed below. It made for some great pictures.

Still a little bit afraid.

But as she saw the photo opportunities she perked up.

I asked for a picture of the boys, so they threatened to throw David off the bridge.

Ha ha, just kidding!

Ashlie asked me to take pictures of her. uh OKAY!

Yeah, I may have gotten a bit carried away. Side note. If you ever want to visit the bridge, the best time is on a weekday in the morning - you'll bypass the crowds. If you want to take pictures, go in the rain or right after it. The colours are AMAZING.

As you can see, everyone was happy and unafraid now.

Another side note: Larry watches zombie movies and horror movies (though not in our house!) so he's too afraid to walk through the ravine between our house and his school because it reminds him too much of one of his zombie movies. When I told him about this place, I told him that it would be even more terrifying for him because of the trees and possibility of zombies.

He got his revenge by playing a clip of one of his movies where a bridge collapses and everyone dies.

I love my crazy boys. Oh, and these two too.

(Kandace - these people have a bear in their yard!)

After the cliffwalk is the tent with the crafts. Which weren't set up yet, but we still got to pose in the sleigh.

Then it was time for the bridge. And more scaredyness.

I insisted that we would stay on this side until it got dark.

So we did the river's edge walk. Or forest edge walk. I'm not sure which it was.

Then we made our way to that new twinkly light part of the bridge.

And finally it was time to head up to the Treetops Adventure.

It was really busy at this point, but we managed to find a couple of gaps in the crowd so I could snap some pictures.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite part. Not because of the views cause then the cliff walk is my favorite. But I'd like to live up here. Have a little bridge up to a treehouse and I would live there forever. Me and my twinkly lights and the trees.

Oh, and sometimes I'd come down from the trees and visit the lights on the water.

I like the bridges and the sound of the water and the reflection of the pretty lights. It's so super romantic.

oh, I also love how the bridge disappears into the mist.

Are you wondering where Elisabeth is? We didn't forget her in the crafting tent this time. Nope, Jade didn't want to come with us, and Rob and Eireen were going to be spending the day at Ikea and running errands. So we suggested to Elisabeth that she might like to play with Jade and Charlotte for the day. She jumped at the opportunity.


The walk back across the bridge was crazy. Wall to wall people. So here's another side note. The craft tent will close, but the twinkly lights are up until the end of January.

And if you Pokemon, there are a few stops while you're walking the park. Though I can't imagine you'll want to look at your phone while you're there. I sure don't.

And then, because it was dark now, we did the Cliff Walk one more time so Ashlie and Larry could enjoy the full effect of the Christmas lights.

Ashlie was not scared this time.

Despite the expression on her face here!

So for real, you need to add this place to your list of things to do at Christmastime.

And then come back all year round.