Friday, February 29, 2008

The last week or so...

Actually, I don't remember when this is from. The day after my last posting. Andrew really, really wanted to go back to Harrison. Unfortunately, Elisabeth wasn't feeling too well so we had to turn around and come home almost immediately. Should've listened to my mom's inuition.

Thanks to Jane for mentioning these cool drift wood piles. We have to get back to Harrison soon so we can play with them!

What a day!
Collecting driftwood for...whatever they're building.

This is yesterday at mum's house. The first thing the kids do when they walk in the door is head straight to the freezer.

Lunch time!

And then it was off to the park.

No idea how Davey got those scratches on his face. He says he's a tiger.

Daddy's (very dirty) sweet heart.

Watching the clouds.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Me and Drew think kids are bad for your health

Cause we seem to be sick an awful lot lately.

Guess what!? I have an ear infection AND sinunitis.

Oh Yeah.

I wasn't sure if I should go to the doctor or not - my ear hurt, but I hate going to the doctor, I hate drugs, I hate being sick. But Andrew made me go.

The doctor asked me my symptoms and then said, "okay, hop up hear and I'll have a look in your ear....OH MY GOD!"

So usually your ear is a sort of whitey yellow. Mine was the colour of a ripe tomato. I guess it was a good thing I went to the doctor. Thanks drew.

I hopped on down to the Shoppers to pick up my drugs for my various ailments. The doc told me I needed a nasal spray to get rid of the sinunitis. Well, aren't those kind of dangerous? Addictive or something?? I mean, I hate drugs anyway, so anything with bad press...

But then the pharmacist (lovely chap) started telling me about the side effects for both the drugs. HUNH the horse pills for my ears? Apparently they can make me allergic to the sun.


on the other hand, I'm very thankful we live in a country where drugs are readily accesible to us. And that now we should all really be on the road to recovery. I'm also glad I wore Andrew's old man ear covers yesterday. I was just wearing them to keep warm, but imagine if I hadn't had them on!? I might have had much worse ears!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Weekend:

Yesterday, while Andrew and Elisabeth napped, Davey and I went for a walk/bikeride by the river.

Davey didn't like that there were so many dogs strolling along there too.

However, as we were leaving he decided to do some stunt biking. Whizzing down the hill towards the parking lot. He had awesome form. Feet up, leaning back...stellar.

It's a long hill, eh?!

Chugging his bike back to the top again.

Then, while I loaded his bike into the back of the truck, he played on a gravel pile in the parking lot. Not quite sure how he ended up with dirt all around his mouth...

Back home, and Tink had woken up from her nap.

This drum gets used for everything except drumming...

Today I decided we all needed some fresh air to chase away the flu/cold/blah germs and get us all back on the road to recovery. So we drove out to Harrison to

I should have posted a before picture of Andrew. When we got to Harrison, he was sitting on the wall, hoodie pulled up, looking absolutely miserable. After a few minutes of fresh air he had perked up considerably (at this point, he's the sickest of us). He was completely exhausted by the time we got home but I still think the fresh air and sunshine did all of us a world of good.

The end.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i fell down the stairs today

yup, I did.

Somehow I managed not to knock Elisabeth down them too (she was walking down in front of me). Made my legs into a tunnel and did a good job of wrenching my hip and arm. At least she didn't get hurt. Just scared.

I think I need to be getting more sleep.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So on here I always call Davey "davey".

Well in real life I switch. My angry name for him is "DAVE" (said very sternly of course).

Sometimes I call him Daveyboy. Other times he's David.

Well as of yesterday he refused to answer to anything but Davey. In fact, he got very angry at me at one point and said, "I TOLD YOU, stop calling me David!"

okay then. I've been told.

I wonder if I'm not allowed to call him squidgely either??

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Libs has an ear infection.

From the moment she woke up this morning she wasn't quite herself, but what cinched it for me was her standing in the living room with a finger in her ear, crying her little heart out. A quick trip to the brand new (and open normal hours, thank God!) Walk In Clinic confirmed my suspicions. A nasty ear infection.

That on top of the still lingering stomach bug had her feeling pretty miserable tonight. She kept asking for food, but she'd put in her mouth, grimace and hand it back to me. Finally she came to me, one soosie in her mouth, five more clutched to her bosom. "nigh night?" she asked hopefully.

Davey hasn't moved off the couch much in the past few days. When he's not sleeping, he's snuggling. I just went into our den to check on him and his reply to my "how are you doing Davey?" was this, "All this sleeping is making me tired."


The kids still aren't feeling well, so that doesn't leave me with much new to talk about on here.

BUT, I thought I'd share a picture of the toddler bed we ordered for Libs.

You see, her favorite place in the world is Davey's bed. If ever she 'wanders off' she can usually be found sitting in his bed reading. That, and the fact that she can't open doors yet made me think it might be a good idea to try her in her own bed. When we moved Davey to his toddler bed, he could open his door. So when ever he felt like it he'd just wander down stairs, help himself to snacks, watch tv, whatever. So we want to avoid that with libs and just get her used to the bed. Hopefully she'll always be as good at going to bed as she is now, but if she does decide that she wants to get up on her own, at least she's contained!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank God for washing machines!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Back at the park!

We decided to go back to the pirate park this morning. The kids were so excited! As soon as we pulled into the parking lot Tink started'd think I never take them anywhere!

This is Davey surfing like mummy did.

I honestly thought it was Tinky that was coming down with something. She's been very snuggly the last two days and kind of tired or something.

But it was Davey who started puking this afternoon. I just cleaned him up a few minutes ago from another round...

Which makes me really glad we were out in the sun today, in case we can't go out again tomorrow.

Yesterday in sunday school Davey learned about how Jesus healed Jairus's daughter. So I've been getting him to pray with me for people to be healed. This afternoon I asked if he wanted to pray to feel better. Okay, then say what I say.

Me: Dear Jesus
Davey: I KNOW! Dear Jesus, thank you for healing Grandma. Amen!

Well, I believe the scriptures say that as we pray for others to be healed, we are healed ourselves. Plus Grandma, you got a double portion of prayers today!

(jane, this posting took less than 10 minutes).