Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today we ran a lot of errands, but at the back of my (and Elisabeth's) minds the whole day was that we would get back to the forest to pick some more of those blackberries. So after dinner we grabbed Ellie and some buckets and set off. After about a 30 second rainshower, the sun was back with full force and the light was amazing. So pretty!

The kids were totally in to picking too. Which was a bonus. Even if David insisted that he was going to eat all the blackberries he ate. "I'll save them in my stomach," he declared.

Even Ellie was on the hunt for berries.

See? Head tilt. Cute ;)

And uh, evidence that David was only interested in eating his berries.

Wonder why there's always so many pics of Tink and hardly any of David? Well it's not just because she's so cute (and willing to pose).
It's because this is about the best I can do with pictures of David.

Very nice evening.

Playground, Walks, Dogs and Purple

We've had our favorite dog niece for the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed taking her everywhere with us. Friday night it was the river and the dog park there. Yesterday we went for a walk through the forest near our house. Davey even walked with her.

Of course the two ellies are best friends.

We found blackberries!


Then we stopped at the playground so the kids could dig in the wood chips.

Tink's very much into the head tilt pose.

Ellie wanted to play too. If only I knew you better, my love. I didn't want you running away though :*

Back at our new home (hah hah. Okay, back at Cody and Kat's home...) we played catch and tag.

We like having a dog.

The Zoo!

I had no idea Rhinos were so ugly. Or that there horns looked so bendy. Weird.

Sleeping giraffe. CUTE.

I think I'm most scared of panthers. I probably have Little House in the Big Woods to blame for that.

Being a kangaroo.

The playground is the best part of the zoo. Or so I've been told.

Personally, I think it's the train that's best.

Grizzly bear.

Our first time ever on the North America tour. It was pretty cool.

Check out the giraffe's tongue. Crazy, man!

Right after I snapped this, I went over and asked David what he was upset about. He couldn't remember so we went in the lizard building.