Thursday, August 31, 2017

Brookswood Community Days

The weekend of June tenth the Rossis were in town again! We saw them so much this summer!

We took advantage of Dave and Alexis and stole their children.The first order of business was trying out the newly refurbished playground just down the street from us.

This has always been one of our favorite playgrounds. It has so many things for little children, medium children and even big, adult sized children.

This spring the city put in a zip line. ALL the kids were crazy to try it, but you know how it is when something new goes in somewhere. RIDICULOUS.

So we played on all the other things. Ada loves these spinny cup things.

And Ruben loves running up and down and all over the place. Wee toddlers are a lot of work yo. That is one thing I learned this summer. I might be too old for toddlers.

This is one of my favorite things here. Ruben didn't like sitting on it much, but he did love pushing the other kids.

Though he did let Elisabeth hold him on it for a while. We call this the donut. I don't know what it's really called.

We finally got to try the zip line. Ruben LOVED it so much. But I had to hold him and run like stink because he's too little to hold himself up. So no pictures. I got a lot of exercise :)

Then we went to Brookswood to see the community event. The littles got balloons made.

We used to go to this every year when the kids were little. It was pretty hokey, but the kids loved it. Now they've added so much more to it with bouncy castles and booths at the park. But everything was geared to older kids than Ruben and Ada and younger kids than David and Elisabeth.

But there were free snow cones.

My kids tried a few things. And then they did the extreme fighting which Ada thought was hilarious.

 And then finally it was time to go home.

Only we got side tracked by the cookies at Cedarvbrook Bakery - you got to ice them with your initials.

And then it was time to take Elisabeth to her dance pictures.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The long road home

For our last day I got up and watched the sun rise. It was spectacular.

We headed in to Campbell River for breakfast. It was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday, so the kids got their own table. After breakfast, Dad headed towards Victoria. We decided to explore a bit more.

There's a lot of murals in Campbell River.

 Of course we ended up back on the pier.

 Then since we were so close, we headed up to Elk Falls where I'd heard there was a suspension bridge.

 We arrived, and walked towards the falls and the bridge.

And for some reason it was really, really hard for me to walk across this bridge.

But a gentleman at the safe side said he needed a picture with me on the bridge (hah!) so I had to put on my brave face and wander. The view was totally worth it.

David and his brave face :)

It was a beautiful walk. Campbell River is a gorgeous part of the coast. I had no idea.

 Then we took the old island highway back towards Nanaimo again.

The best part of the highway is the 20 minutes south of Campbell River. After that, it meanders away from the coast through the country. But every once in a while, there's a beach.

We found an oyster farm.  That was crazy. Oodles and oodles of cages. And so many oysters all over the beach. Elisabeth really wanted to find a pearl.

So despite the warnings posted otherwise, these hooligans cracked open an oyster. Maybe two.

We found a little marina.

 We stopped in Parksville and wandered on the beach there.

And after a few misadventures trying to find the right road, we finally made it to our ferry.

 Fabulous vacation, and what a start to the summer!