Thursday, January 31, 2008

I dropped her on her head, but she'll still smile for my pictures...

Yup, you read that right. I get the bad parent of the year award and it's still only January. Tinker was outside running laps around our truck. It's wet, it's slippery, I wanted to grab her before she slipped and hurt herself. Only as I lunged she really did fall and I only managed to catch her coat. And I think maybe that made matters worse. Anyway, I'm accepting full responsibility for the poor girl's face.

Later when Andrew showed her the big treadmark on her face (she has a very good likeness of the pattern of our driveway on her forehead), she poked it all with a sympathetic face, then promptly asked for soap to wash the red off. Sorry hon, this one is going to leave a mark!

Happy Birthday Jadeybug! Here, to commemorate your birthday, are pictures from before you were two. My how time flies you 4 year old you!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Andrew and James decided not to risk the commute today. At first I thought they were slackers cause seriously, it didn't look that bad out today. But by midmorning when Davey and I went out to play I was REALLY glad they didn't go. And when we walked out on the road outside our complex it seriously was nasty out I'm glad they stayed home.

Our family seems to be taking it in turns to get sick. One person just gets over some type of bug and the next person is starting some other kind of bug. It's nasty. Last night was Andrew's turn.

So this is Davey helping me shovel the driveway this morning. It was pretty dark and grey, hunh?

Davey has really started liking the snow this winter (just as well considering how much we've had hah hahh). He begged to go out again this afternoon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm not very happy with Blogger right now. I feel like I've done a lot of griping on here lately. But I had this post all finished and saved and then blogger went off line so I waited to post this and now it turns out it didn't really save any of my posting after all. So here I start afresh....

This weekend was Jadey's 4th birthday party. Her birthday is on Thursday but the shebang was yesterday. It was the first time we were able to drop Davey off and leave. So while he partied we went to the mall to get some errands done. Later, we came back and while Andrew joined the revellers in the theatre to watch the end of Cars, Tink and I played with balloons.

We were really surprised by the weather yesterday. Our complex had a thick layer of ice and snow on all the roadways. Up till now we've always gotten off easy as far as the snow and ice so we weren't surprised when we hit Abbotsford and a full out blizzard.

We were surprised as we came to Aldergrove and saw there wasn't a speck of snow anywhere to be seen! And then on the way home againn we were treated to this beautiful sun set.

Davey. Should have been sleeping.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today there was an auction in Chilliwack with all manner of things for sale. Televisions, broken televisions, appliances, hard wood flooring, toys, tools, baby gear, name it, they had it. Andrew decided to check out the previewing last night and was interested enough to head over there first thing this morning.

Here's a shot of the auction hall. They had two auctioneers calling simultaneously. We stopped by to deliver Andrew a cup of coffee around lunch time and one auctioneer was just atop a ladder. He'd move from one lot to the next and call each was quite fun. I hadn't been to an auction since my dad used to take me to the farm auctions when I was very small.

Meanwhile this afternoon, the snow started falling.

Davey was very excited!
So around 3 pm, when it was obvious that Andrew was having too much fun to come home ;) we ventured out into the snow.

You know, we still don't seem to get as much snow as mum does further west. really did think that the eastern end of the valley would get loads more snow. I'm bitterly disappointed.

This is about all we've gotten so far. Though the north side of town does get more. Especially on the two hills on that side.

So, dad came home with his treasures. The best one (in the kids' view) was this wonderful kitchen. Brand new ad already assembled. An instant hit!

Isn't the chefs' hat cute? She makes a sweet baker.

Andrew also picked up a camcorder and a new computer for me!! YAY! Andrew has been getting very excited about doing podcasts lately and finally has some of the tools to do so.

Elisabeth wouldn't share the kitchen earlier, so while she had her evening bath Davey snuck downstairs to play. He loved the kitchen too.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicole!

(though I won't finish this posting till after midnight, since I'm not asleep yet it's technically still your birthday...sort of. So happy birthday Nicole! Hope you had a great day :)

This morning me and the kids hitched a ride to Langley with Andrew. Or he with us perhaps, since we left him at P2C and continued on to the Cloverdale McDonalds. The kids played in the play room there while Kat and I chatted. Davey particularly liked the seating in the main area:

A funny thing happened today: I forgot my camera at home. yah. So I stopped at WalMart and bought a HP Photosmart E337....I've been wanting a pocket camera for a while. For $60 this thing is pretty good. Today's pics all courtesy of the little guy.

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to lighting on any of these, so the pictures are actually better than they should be. Or not as bad as they look. Either way. It was SO gorgeous out today. And our weather forecast is calling for snow for the next 7 days at least. So we stopped at the park. Brisk. And lovely.

If you look closely, you can see all three kids in the picture:

I thought this one was just tired. She's desperately trying to give up her last remaining nap. Today she slept for 1/2 hour while I drove around with her in the car. But when we got home I realized she had a fever too. Now that I look at these pictures I see she was very pale. I can be so dumb some times...

This one desperately needs a hair cut. But I want his curls to grow back (long and luxurious) so that I can recreate pictures my parents took of Rob when he was 2. Rob had gorgeous blonde curls. Grow hair, grow!!

Hi Jadey!

The kids were so cute, I couldn't resist taking millions of pictures. After all, it's only just over a year till Jade and Davey start kindergarten. And we all know that once your kids start school it's only a matter of moments before they're all grown up. So I'm savoring moments like these.

For those of you who might be wondering, Davey was great at the Cloverdale McDonalds. I didn't have to get managers or dads or other kids to drag him out of the play place. So I think maybe the Chilliwack McDonalds is just a bad place for little boys. Some kind of bad influence there or something ;)

Elisabeth is starting to use a lot more sentences. Just this week she's started asking, "where are we?", "where are we going?", "Where's Daddy?", "what are you doing?" and also, "Oh boy. Oh boy o boy."

Not quite sure who she gets the last one from!

She also is building up a repertoire of songs. My favorite (by her) is still Jingle Bells. Davey loves the "long time ago in Bethlehem" song by Boney M. He's started talking about "leaving for evermore."

Jadey is adorable. I wish I had a camcorder in my car to record all her conversations with Davey and Tink. She's such a little mother to them, it's very sweet. And she's so obedient and kind to them. I always know when I have her that it's like having an extra set of arms around to help.

(tinky sure does love her pipe!)

I was at the clinic getting weighed and measured the other day. Tink thought it looked interesting so she got done too. She's about 28 pounds fully clothed (including a very puffy winter coat) and about 32 inches tall. I'm going to have to double check, but I think that makes her quite a bit taller than Davey at her age. Yowsers.

Pictures from our drive home. On sunny days like today I LOVE our commute!

This picture isn't very clear. But that's ice on the side of the hill. Once we cleared the corner it was all over the road. Thick, thick ice. Yup. We're in the midst of winter here. And nothing but snow in the forecast for days...ugh!