Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ready to play outside: He has his "camera" in one hand, and his breakfast in the other. The camera is really the flashlight part of his new work helmet, but he keeps making us pose all over the place, "Smile. Say cheese!" I think I might be rubbing off on him...

"I need help!"

Davey and I were walking along the driveway when I noticed a rather BIG, rather fluffy bird in our neighbors tree. Then I realised it was a cat. As I was zooming in to take a picture, I saw another cat (this one) sitting on their roof. The cat in the tree quickly took off for the roof and other side of the house, but I did catch this picture of Cosmo watching the neighborhood. What a pair of cats!

Peekaboo Ashlie!

Ashlie and Jade showed up at our house tonight. So we all went outside for a few minutes to run around. It was COLD! here's Davey trying to entice Ashlie into chasing him by jumping up on the bench. Such a little monkey!

ALWAYS has to do what Ashlie is doing. Peekaboo davey!

"faster! faster!" he yelled as poor frozen little jadey struggled to push her heavy cousin through the ice.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Davey playing in a puddle

Tinky got sleepy so mummy let her ride in her coat, nice and snuggly for falling asleep. It sure must be nice to be a baby (I still remember falling asleep in the car as a little kid and pretending not to wake up when we got home so mum or dad would carry me nicer feeling in the world...)

Tinky lying on mamma's lap. Ain't she prettiest little thing you ever did see?

Davey drinks a bubbas.

For Christmas we gave Tink Davey's old Jumperoo. She doesn't love it quite as much as he did, but it's early days yet. And I think she's still figuring out all the bells and whistles.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

Today Davey and Daddy went for a walk to the park.
Davey decided to take my prayer flag with him.

Ahhhhhh BC. Some people hate all the moss. It just rubs in how wet it is here. I love the green. I think it's beautiful. And a sign of how nice and temperate our winters are.

He finally put down the flag and went for a swing.

Then Davey and daddy went to go look at the ducks.

From very close up apparently!

Meanwhile, Tinky sang to her dollies.

And smiled pretty for mumma.

Then we cracked each other up with our monster noises.

Tinky wanted to take pictures too, but I wouldn't let her.

So she did aerobics instead!

Christmas Day: We Wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Well, after our late night on Christmas Eve, everyone slept in...well, Tink slept till 5 am, then played for a while then fell asleep at 7:30...just minutes after Davey woke. So then me and Davey woke Daddy up. Don't you love the look of excitement on Davey's face here?

Here he is with the chocolate santa from his stocking. Right up until I successfully managed to hide it from him (and then throw it away!) he wouldn't even put it down to open presents. Guess he has his dad's sweet tooth!

A little peek at everyone's glee:

Davey got a shaving kit for Christmas. Which he promptly put to use on dad's goatee.

When Tink woke up again we'd already finished opening our presents. So Davey helped her open hers. I decided we wouldn't bother getting her anything as I thought she'd be too small to appreciate presents. Turns out she quite enjoyed all the excitement and gnawing on wrapping paper...and even her presents. So thank you to everyone who ignored me and bought her something after all.

Davey didn't understand why there weren't anymore presents for him when Tinky was still opening things. Poor little gaffer. Christmas can be very hard for some people.

Tinky enjoying her Christmas bird:

Then we decided to do something different for Christmas dinner. We took some thermoses of soup, a bit of bread and some hot chocolate...oh and a banana for Tink

And headed to Crescent Beach for a picnic. At this point Davey is asleep so we're eating in the car. But we get out later and Davey enjoys all the driftwood.

And riding his motor bike along the paths.

Apparently he has his dad's sweet tooth and his mum (and grandma's) love of the ocean.

Time to head home.