Thursday, May 31, 2007

I have the weirdest kid in the world

He won't climb out of his crib (I've even tried to show him how, since we don't always hear him when he calls in the night). But today he climbed into Tink's crib so he could play in there.

He's not my kid...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Often when I don't blog for several days at a time I'll get emails from readers checking to make sure we're all okay. Since it's been almost a week already, I thought I'd let you know that we are all still here.

I've been having some trouble with both my computer and my Internet connection in the past week. My computer is getting on a bit now. It was Sheldon's old personal computer and I think we got it from him in our first year of marriage. So we've had it for about five years...that's fairly old in computer years!

Anyway, technology issues aside, things are good here at the projectdavid household. Tinky is a little waterbaby and even davey will stand in the pool and of course loves being outside. So we've been spending a fair bit of time in the sun. Today we tried walking down to Andrew's work, but about half way there the sidewalk on the shady side of the road was closed for construction and the sunny side was just way too hot. I was scared the kids would get heat stroke so we pulled down a shady side street and had daddy pick us up.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Night at the Beach

You can't tell from these pictures, but it was really, really warm today. And since the rain is supposed to roll in sometime tomorrow, we decided to go for a walk at the beach this evening. Davey fell asleep just as we were leaving, and slept all the way to the beach so he was still too sleepy to walk by the time we arrived. Here's how we transported the kids in the single stroller...Tink thinks this is the most awesome thing ever and bounces and jumps the whole time she's riding like this...

Davey asked this afternoon if we could go to the beach and get ice cream, and of course he remembered once we were there. This isn't actually his cone, but he liked the look of it better than his dish and so he swapped.

Cool rock, hunh? We brought it home with us.

Me and the girl waiting patiently for the boys. Davey saw another little boy and his dad playing in a pool of water and went to check it out. Apparently there were three or four LIVE crabs in the pool and the other dad even picked one up so Davey could see it closer, "that's kind of scary" he said, and they left to come find me.

Tired out and ready for a bath!

A week in pictures:

Ever since Dave taught Davey to be brave around spiders, Davey has been really good around them (and flies which he also calls spiders). Here he is earlier this week with my "spider stick" and a bucket, on his way to get rid of all the webs and bugs on his fort/swingset.

A Glee-full moment!
Tinky demonstrating just how well she can stand. She frequently will stand for long periods of time without holding on to anything for support. But mostly when she has both hands full of toys and doesn't realise she's not holding on to anything.

I tried letting her go down the slide by herself, but the combination of velour pants and plastic slide were a little toooooo fast. So here she is after I let go of her hands.

And Davey climbing over top of his sister to the top of the slide.

Contemplating the meaning of life:

And now contemplating and smoking her pipe...

Tinky is yelling at Davey for picking his nose in this one, "how many times has mummy told you not to do that. If you don't stop they're going to take away your new race car shoes!!"

This is a face Tinky makes a lot and I'm VERY happy to have finally caught it on film.

oooh! Look! HAIR!!!

Excited that she can clap on demand :)

So, technology is not my friend lately. First our camera died. Permanently this time. Then I lost Internet connection for two days. And I've stolen Dave's camera, but I'm having trouble with lighting and this one. As you can tell from the various different lighting effects in these pictures. Bleh.

Monday, May 21, 2007

And from our camera...

Here are the pictures that I've been waiting to upload off our camera. They're from earlier this week when it was warm and sunny out. As you can see the kids are loving both the sun and the pool!

Today we spent the afternoon at Crescent Beach. I had fully charged batteries as well as new backup batteries with us, but our camera seems to have given up the ghost for good. Andrew is tinkering with it right now, but I'm not holding out much hope! Though Andrew is pretty good at fixing things so maybe it's just cause I'm sick of having an unreliable camera I'm hoping for a new one ;oP

Anyway, we bumped into Elliot and his family at the beach and they were kind enough to post pictures of the boys playing on their blog. Besides, their sons are so adorable, intelligent and polite, you should head over for a visit just to see what great kids they are!

Thanks for a fun time at the beach Elliot!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

From Dave's Camera...

A mumble jumble of pictures:

Here are Jadey and Tink in their matching tank tops.

Tinky did her hair in a faux hawk on Thursday. Uncle Dave took some pictures. (I heard him saying this was the cutest baby picture ever, but sheesh...look at the material, she's the cutest baby ever!!)

Crying yesterday at lunch. I just love her little sad face, it always makes anyone who sees it laugh, it's just so tragic.
Being brave:
Back to happy!
Oh yah, and we have another kid, but he hardly ever gets his picture taken anymore (though that has more to do with the fact he won't pose...not that we don't like him!!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I have loads of pictures to upload, both on my camera and Dave's. But I've also killed (drained?) the batteries on both, new pictures tonight!

I made a roast beef for dinner tonight. I've only made I think three roast beefs since Andrew and I have been married (so almost six years). It was DEEEElish! Not quite perfect yet, but we're getting closer. I even made the gravy using drippings and YUM it was good!

We had an incredibly busy day today that started at just before six for me, but Alexis and Dave have agreed to "monitor sit" for us so we're heading on a date. For those of you keeping track that's an astounding two dates this week!! Both days we thought we were going to see Spiderman 3 but we just can't quite bring us to waste a date on a movie. Dave says that makes us boring. I say it makes us hopeless romantics ;)

Anyhoo, Andrew's almost done fixing his makeup so I'd better scoot too!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Cuteness from Davey...and Tinkerbear?!

This morning Elisabeth and I were in the living room while Davey played in his bedroom. Now he's a very imaginative little chappy and will often concoct huge dramas between his cars, trucks and trains.

This morning though, he decided to play with this teddybear above. What I heard first though, was this, "Good night, it's time for bed. Time to go to sleep now. Okay, sleep good, I love you...tinkybear." and he walked out of his bedroom and closed the door.

I looked at him and said, "are you tired, daveybear?"

"Yes, I am! I get a pillow." with that he grabbed a pillow from the couch and made a bed on his floor. Him on one pillow and his teddy bear on another. I grabbed a blanket and covered them.

"No. No blankie for teddy. I'm not tired anymore."

"hmnnn, well are you hungry?"

"Yes! I hungry!" and Davey picks up the teddybear and walks towards our dining area. "Come on Tinkybear. It's time for lunch."

And that's how my big brown bear wound up sitting in Elisabeth's highchair eating peanut butter sandwiches with Davey this morning.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's hard to be irritated with your two and a half year old for refusing to fall asleep for the second night in a row when he's singing at the top of his lungs, "I'm singing PRAISES, I'm singing PRAISES...."

I just went in to davey's room to give him his soother back and tuck him into bed. I open the door and he yells:
"mom! Kiss me!!"
I oblige.
"give me a hug"
Well, this is wonderful! I think to myself. And I oblige again.
"mmmnnnn I love hugs!" and so I give him another.

This does not happen very often so I'm in heaven. I turn his light on, give him some books and hope he falls asleep eventually...

Enjoying the sunshine...while it lasts!

On Monday we decided to have lunch outside since it was sooo very beautiful outside.

We hadn't been outside for long before Jadey and Davey were deep in conversation. I tuned in somewhere around here: Jade is showing Davey the owie on her foot.

And just like a couple of old people, they start pulling out all the stops, "Oh yah well with the rain the forecast my rheumatism has been acting up something fierce,"

"oh, I know what you mean, I get that all the time. Now if you look here, this is where I got shot. Oh I remember it well, deep in the jungles of Majuba Hill..."

and so on...
Elisabeth having been down the baby slide, is now testing the grass on her toes.

Yesterday we drove out to Greendale to visit the Abelmans. Of course, the siblings didn't want to sit together so when we went for a stroll tinky and Seth rode together
And Davey and Mayah.
This is Davey trying to give Mayah a good bye. As you can see she's stricken at the thought of us leaving.
Mayah attempting to kiss Davey and him playing it cool.

So, those of you who know me well, know I've lost my wallet so many times I can't even count anymore. I left it on the roof of my car only to have it blow off and land on the railway tracks. A train ran over it and shredded all my cards.

Then when we were on our Grade 12 trip to Arizona, it was stolen (with $700 usd) from my room. A man from Surrey found it and drove it out to Chilliwack for me. Money still intact but shopping trip to Phoenix ruined :(

Yesterday I stopped at the Power Mall and put my wallet in the stroller. I guess as I was unloading the stroller my little boy pegged it under a car. Lately he likes to pretend he's Swiper the Fox (have I mentioned how much I hate kids shows? Lunette the clown hiding toys in the couch, don't even get me started on Max and Ruby, and now Swiper teaching kids to steal and hide things...)

Anyway, someone found my wallet and before I even knew I'd lost it they returned it to the community police station. THANK YOU!!

And while we were downtown we spotted a pool. Bigger than the Lyth's pool which we used for part of the summer last year and more practical for day-to-day use than the dino pool. Here are some shots of the kids testing it last night: