Sunday, December 27, 2009

Come for a walk with us!

Guess what? Another beautiful sunny day in the Lower Mainland! And so we decided that we would go for a bit of a walk today. Guess where we went?

Well, not exactly, though we did walk through Sendall Gardens. Like I said, it was a beautiful day today, so I couldn't resist! I'm glad we did though, it was amazing. As we came down the stairs into the garden, we saw this ice hanging above the creek.

And what could be more Christmassy than frosted holly?

And just look at this cute face! How could you (or I!) resist those eyes?

I love when the frost is thick like this. Seriously, it didn't feel all that cold. But I guess it must have been. Frosty leaves and frozen fingers don't lie...

More frozen water. So beautiful.

My family finally dragged me out of the park and we continued on our way. Passing this amazing house. Isn't it gorgeous? Wouldn't you love a deck like that? And the system of decking in the back yard was awesome too. *sigh* I'd love to explore. However, we kept walking.

...and walking....
(or riding, as the case may be)

Until we took a rest break.

Moss growing on the branches.

And then (see the excitement...or is that relief?) in these eyes?

We finally saw our destination!

And after a quick picnic lunch, we started playing!

And we all had a turn on the swing. I'd forgotten how much I loved swinging. We need a swingset like this one in our backyard! Or, more trips to the playground!

We quit playing and walked down the one way strip. Mum? I thought of you when I saw this. Too bad they were closed or we could have delivered dinner.

We had a quick drink and bathroom break.

And gazed longingly at our most favorite place on the one way strip (apart from Choo Choos).

And crossed back over to Douglas Park. Nice bowling Green.

This is looking back north at the band shell and mountains.

We were going to walk up past the east side of the Fine Arts school.

But along the way, we made a friend. Meet Mel.

She insisted that we walk her home. As devoted as she was to her daddy, she wouldn't leave Tink's side until we go to her house. And then she barked at Tinker, wagged her tail, and waltzed over to her house. Good bye Mel!

And we got home just in time for supper!