Friday, October 31, 2008

Today the kids had their pictures done at Revival Arts Studio. Unfortunately, today was kind of a weird day (I'm sick. The kids woke up very early over excited about Halloween, no thanks to preschool, yadda yadda) and so we forgot Tink's costume hanging on the garage door. They still took pictures of her but the pictures won't be gracing our Christmas cards like I'd hoped they would.

Here's Davey in his Knight costume.

And later in his Spidey face:

The kids set out to gather candy.

And this was the best pose I could get from a not very interested in taking pictures boy.

And my ladybug.

Preschool Halloween Party

Yesterday Davey's preschool class had a halloween party. Both the kids dressed up as Spiderman.
(apparently so did Jade!)

My sister has pictures of the party (I wasn't there) on her facebook page for any of you who are friends with her...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

SO excited!

My amazing and wonderful sister and her fabulous husband decided that it was practically child abuse that poor Davey has to wear princess costumes every time the kids play dressup. So they bought him this Knight costume.

Now, it just so happens that earlier this year my mum bought him a book all about knights and their code of honour. I knew that this costume was coming so yesterday Davey and I spent quite a bit of time looking at his book. Then I showed him a picture of his costume. And he was SO excited.

Today he got it. And told Auntie that he had decided he wanted to be a robot instead.

You just can't win.

But that's not the story here.

My favorite photographers in the universe are taking pictures of my kids in costume tomorrow. Davey is wearing his knight costume and Ellie is going as a princess. Brilliant costuming idea courtesy of the above-mentioned wonderful sister!

Also, and only slightly less exciting, I finally found cold medicine that does the trick for me. Advil Cold and Flu, I heart you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I don't know why on Video they only seem to know two songs...

Davey always wants to help Andrew put gas in the car. Sometimes he washes it too. Saturday he washed ALL the windows for us.

Ellie at Grandma's.

Today I was packing. Davey and Tink wanted to play in the boxes. Davey asked me if I was going to tape up his box and put him in the moving truck.

Davey and I are both sick. We had a burst of energy this morning and got a ton off boxes packed. But by one my energy had worn off and I just felt really crummy. So me and Davey snuggled while Elisabeth danced and played around us.

Here she is telling me how scary the Incredible Hulk is. That reminds me...there's this place downtown Langley that has a skull on it's sign. She cries every time we drive past it. "Scary, it's scary". Poor kid.

here she is, being 'sick' like us.

Hasta Luego

Friday, October 24, 2008

The kids are growing up so fast. Don't believe me? Here's a picture of them from a year ago.

And here's another one - just Tink.

See? She's growing up fast.

So anyway, I have 292 pictures to weed through but I just haven't had time yet. So let me just tell you a couple things.

Tinker is getting into everything. Today, I came downstairs and found her, glass in hand, standing on a chair at the kitchen sink, trying to get herself a glass of water.

She absolutely hates having a wet/dirty diaper. But she's terrified of the potty. I found the DVD that won Davey over to the wonderful world of using the potty. She loves watching it. She knows the song off by heart. But she still won't go on the potty. She will however attempt to change herself. So I'm constantly finding her without a diaper on. I think overalls are the only answer to this dilemma....she hasn't figured out how to get those off yet.

We moved Tink's bed into Davey's room so we could bring the guest bed upstairs. She LOVES sleeping in Davey's room. It took a couple of days for them to stop being excited and actually go to sleep. One night we moved Tink into her old room and left Davey in his bed in his room. When I went to check on him later that evening he was cuddled up in her bed. He really loves his sister. In fact, if he's awake before her, he'll go wake her up with hugs and kisses and then climb in and snuggle with her until she wrestles him off.

Yesterday when I woke Tink up she smiled sweetly at me, then demanded, "Where's my bubbas?"

Only yesterday my mum was telling me she needs some new mugs because two of them got broken recently. Today Elisabeth found a box of tea and asked me if it was coffee. I told her it was tea. "Ohhhhh, that's hot. Grandma's mug broken. It fell off table and broke." Yes, and now we know who did it!

Okay. I'll try and post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The view from the playground near my Kat and Cody's (soon to be) old house. Gorgeous, hunh?

So is jadeybug.
Ashlina was very pose-y. It was great fun.

Love how Jade is gazing at her sister with such sisterly admiration :)

My Ellie-belly.

Tink couldn't climb down from the truck.

So Ashlie rescued her. No wonder Tinker loves Ashlie so much!

Later, Ash stopped here to pose again. She didn't know I was taking pictures of her, so actually this is a picture of her admiring the fall colours on the trees.

And here's a few of me admiring my boy.

The colour in this one was so pale, it was practically a black and white. So I B&W'd it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

With the weather changing from yesterday, I thought we should head outside for some rainy weather activities. Elisabeth was gung ho, but Davey had to be persuaded. When I told him he could take his umbrella outside though, he got very excited. We started off in our complex.

"Come on," called Elisabeth when I stopped one too many times to snap a picture.

The rain started up again and Davey paused to let the rain wash his face.

But soon enough we were back to jumping in the puddles. YEEE HAW! I think we all got soaked (cause yes, I jump too!)

Davey's Fourth Birthday

For Davey's fourth birthday we decided to throw a friends party. It's the first time he's had one and he was VERY excited. He even picked out his clothes. For some reason, the spiderman shirt HAD to be worn with shorts. Cute though, no?

Ashlie realised she needed to make a card. She also decorated our house for us.

Finally Mayah and Riley arrived. We watched some Spiderman while we waited for our neighbors to arrive.

We began with lunch. I bought a snack tray with sausage, cheese and pickles and then put together my own fruit, veggie and cold cut trays. We had crackers and chips and pop (or juice for the kids). It was all very yummy!

Our beautiful neighbor girl, Rain. She turned four in the summer.

Mayah and Davey are only a few weeks apart. Don't they look like they're up to something??

oh ho!!

It was such a nice day that we decided to take the party to the park.

Kathi teaching Tash some tribal dance?

Eating dinner under the slide. Mayah was there too, but I didn't get a picture.

Tash still trying to figure out the dance moves.

Hi Jadeybug!
This is our neighbor Paul torturing Tink. "What's that? You want to go on the teeter totter? Oh sure. Climb on!"

I foiled his (pretended) meanness by lifting as many kids as we could fit onto the teeter totter.

Soon it was time to go back home for cupcakes and happy birthdays!


I can't remember what caused this meltdown (there were a few - it was a busy weekend!) but doesn't she look adorable!

Remote controlled cars from the Abelmans!

And a motorized Incredible Hulk! Cooooool. (Looks like mummy's trying to steal it...or scare him...or something).

And outside for the weird pinata. It's 'kid friendly'. Instead of whaling on it with a stick, you pull the ribbons and one opens the pinata. Which is kind of weird because you're not guaranteed that everyone gets a turn. I think next time we'll use the stick and ignore the ribbons.

Ashlie got it open!

Heh. Funny how the balls falling out of the pinata are perfectly placed as eyes here...

Happy birthday Davey!!!