Friday, June 30, 2006

First time back on the slide in a while. WOO hooooooo exciting!

Water Party!

For some time now Andrew and I have been looking out for a water/pool toy for Davey and the girls. You may have seen the ads for that huge inflateable slide with the pool at the bottom? Every time Davey sees that ad (on TV or in the Flyers) he goes nuts: "WAW-er!! WAW-er!!!!"

But at $250, it's a bit expensive for something that looks too big for him to use anyway.

Well, last night a friend of mine let me in on an incredible deal for the Dinosaur Waterpark pictured above. It's something like 11 feet long, but the slide is more manageable for a toddler, the pool part holds 70 gallons of water, and then there's the second pool. All this fun for only $30. Which is great because I think our beach days may be drawing to an end for this season...or atleast until after Tink is born.

We are SOOO excited about this little dealio. I showed Davey the picture and he commenced a hollering, "BOAT! BOAT!" so I think he approves. The fun arrives July 14.

In other news, some things you might hear if you were eavesdropping in our yard:

"I brown"
"I strong"
"I WANT FRIES!!!" implied give 'em to me NOW or else!" (You may recall Davey took his first steps for fries and will now speak in complete sentances for fries)
"Toe hurt"
"You hurt? Owie? I toe hurt" and various sympathetic noises.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Andrew and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Harrison Hot Springs. Usually we go to Osoyoos and stay at a friend's beach house in July, but because Tink's arrival is imminent, we decided we couldn't go away that far. We thought we would just stay around here, but after looking at some websites I realised there is a lot to do in Harrison. So off we went.

Here are some snapshots of our Sunday/Monday. It was very, very nice. And perfect weather too.

Don't we look relaxed? Who knew paradise was so close?!

Beautiful sunset.

Strong men.

Davey was obsessed with stealing Dad's hat yesterday. Wouldn't wear his own though.

Here we are!

Andrew dragged this piece of driftwood over for me so I could sit right on the water's edge with my toes in the water. ahhhhh...heavenly. Davey enjoyed sitting on it too.

Davey in his own private hot tub.

Davey and Andrew enjoying the view from our balcony.

Sunday afternoon we went for a two hour cruise of the lower end of Lake Harrison. Davey drove.

Here Davey is asleep, but we're enjoying the beautiful views from the boat.

Andrew and Davey enjoying the view of the falls.

Davey brushing his teeth AND sucking on his soother. Talent.

Daddy and Davey take a break along the trail.

Bridal Veil Falls

Here we are at the falls. Davey is only crying cause he wants to get down and run.

RUNNING back down the hill!

Tired little boy. Awwwww....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Mamma

It's my mamma's birthday today. Pretty pictures at Katt's blog.

Friday, June 23, 2006

today Ashlie's school had a field trip to the waterpark. We got to tag along for the fun. YAY

Ashlie loved this thing (it spins round and round really fast) but she kept making herself sick by staying on it too long!

Andrew, Davey and Jade playing. The other little girls were pretending they worked at McDonalds and making Andrew eat woodchip fries. There was a sweet little girl about Davey's size who kept coming and sitting on Andrew's lap. Awwwwww

Davey loved playing with the little girls on this playground thing

Now that is ONE SCARY LOOKING cowboy!

My beeeeee YOOOOO tiful sister!

These kids are so good at kickin' back and relaxing.

Washing Jade's feet for her. Now if I could only teach him to give a good foot rub...

"Auntie, your feet are HUGE!"...."Well gee, thanks Jadey, cause I wasn't self concious about them before..."

Washing her face

Pretty little hippy chick. By this time the kids were very tired. We went in and watched one of Uncie Dave's movies right after this

Davey hiding behind his car. Why is he hiding you ask? Oh, just because he's feasting on pea gravel. Yes, that's right. Repeated smacks, taking the gravel away, being very stern..nothing worked. So we had to go inside.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nope, that's not war paint. Davey got into my makeup and figured out how to use my mascara tonight. He did a pretty good job.

Doesn't that just melt your heart?

There are just tooooo many cute tub pictures today. what a sweetie this boy is.

We sing in the shower, he serenades us from the tub.