Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Cute Kids Hug Their Way Home

Two Cute Kids (and their folks) on a Hike

Two Cute Kids on a Farm

Two Cute Kids in a Tree

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I posted a couple more videos here.

As a kid (and even as a big kid), one thing I always looked forward to was the arrival of our Sears Christmas Wish Book. Each of us kids would pore over the catalog, oohing and ahhing over it's wares and circling and making notes on the items which most appealed to us.

This year I got my very own copy of the wish book and I'm pleased that my kids were just as excited to look it over as I always was. I set Davey at the kitchen table with the catalog, a pen and told him to circle everything he liked. Hey, it's a tradition.

Later that evening, Elisabeth dragged the catalog into the living room and I saw her scribbling in it too. It was until I brought the catalog upstairs to have a look through that I realised her scribbles weren't random. Elisabeth had overheard me telling Davey what to do with the catalog and she had scribbled on just about every Dora or princess purse, backpack, laundry hamper...

I've never been so proud.

We spent the last week in Osoyoos. There are pictures here and here.

Today we went to Dinotown. Eking out a last visit before our season's passes expire. Tink decided she's old enough to drive her own bumper car.

Hey look, a family picture!!

These cars are so much fun. I went 'round with Davey on my lap (HARD) and two boys behind me screaming at me to go faster. I think Davey could have done it, but he refuses to pedal on his bike, so I didn't think he would on this either.

Davey gets a basket!
Ahem. No words.

Trying to soak Daddy.

It's our anniversary on Wednesday. We'll be celebrating by both working all day (separately) and then doing different things on Wednesday evening. BOO

Elisabeth and Daddy love the boats.

Davey doesn't. So we usually follow them around by land. Today Davey fished. He reminds me a tom sawyerish character here.

We were playing on one of the stages today when all of a sudden we got invaded by a show (I thought it was just a parade, but they did come on to our stage and kick us off). The kids loved it.

And danced on their own.

All too soon it was time to go.
Tink gazing sadly at the show characters...

And davey clinging to the gate.