Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guess Who's Having a Birthday!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

More about the party...

When we first arrived at the party, all the kids were playing in the yoga room (in the clubhouse) while the adults were in the living room area. Davey and I stopped in the yoga room while Andrew quick drove to SB's to get me a latte. A few minutes later I ran to the kitchen to put the spinach dip in the microwave. Then Kathi came to help me. Not ten seconds later, Cody arrives with a distraught Davey, 'he's upset because both Mummy and Aunty left him alone'.

After that he wanted me to carry him, if I put him down he immediately started crying. Poor little guy, this is still residual clingyness from Andrew going to Alberta. Though he's also started having nightmares.

This is his sad little face once we were back in the kid's room:

But, so long as I was right beside him, he did play Pin the Tail on Boots.

And once I gave him a plate of chips he would even let me wander off once in a while. But he still wouldn't associate with the girls.

Jade opens her presents.

Tinky entertains me and Ashlie

And Davey hides between the couches and finishes off everyone's food.

My brothers and Alexis were at the motorcycle show in Abbotsford. They arrived in time for cake though.

As we were leaving the complex I challenged Davey to a race. I think he looks like a commuter who's about to miss his bus here:

And this is him looking impish because he's walking right past our car. Nice try kiddo.

We got home and I changed him out of his suit into jammies. I'm not sure why I put jammies on since we had plans to give him his bath after dinner. But while I was making dinner and he was watching tv, I wandered into the living room to find him slumped over asleep. Slept straight through the night. All that partying...

Saturday at the Beach

Well, it's been a long time since we've actually played on the beach. We checked on our big pile of wood and it looks like people and the ocean have had fun dumping more driftwood inside our little box. One day when we get a chance to play we'll have fun sorting it out. Here Andrew inspects the 'damage'.

Davey, very excited to be at the beach.

Tinky needed to have a snack, so we stayed up at the bench while she ate.

Doing her patented 'cabbage patch' face.

Davey didn't want to sit still for a picture, but I nabbed a couple anyway.

This is right before he started crying...but tink looks great!

A quick snuggle with dad,

while davey uses this opportunity to

Run away!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jade's Birthday: A preview

Omigoodness. I still have to blog about Saturday but I thought Grandma and Grosspapa might appreciate a preview of Jade's birthday party today. So here are three pictures that manage to include all four of the grandkids.

Here's Ashlie giving Elisabeth a bottle. Ashlie was not quite herself today as a result of having influenza and and ear infection. They also did a throat swab on her and will let her know on Wednesday if anything came of that. At our house, Uncle Dave has strep throat, Alexis is sick and I have a crazy infectionslashallergy that was blowing my left eye up to grotesque proportions. Dave asked me when I took up boxing. That pretty. We're praying over the other three kids that they don't catch any of the ten different germs being spread by the three of us that are sick.

Enough sicktalk. Here's a picture of our little man. He kept himself strangely apart from the rabid girls and wandered around polishing off everyone's chips and juice.

And Emily, Jade and Olivia comparing birthday loot.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thursday and Friday...

Thursday morning Davey and I played outside while Tink napped. Have I mentioned how glad I am that the weather finally changed and we can get outside again?? WE are.

Friday was a pro-D day for Ash. In the morning Katt and I drove to Sumas to pick up parcels. Then the girls stayed and played. With my wigs and old glasses...except for the sunglasses, the glasses are all my mum's old ones. I want to make that VERY clear!!

Here's one for the highschool yearbook :)

And another one I might not be popular for publishing...still, they make really cute nerds!

This hat looked so much better on Ashlie than on me, I had to give it to her.

The four babes in their fort.

And tink, finally big enough to play with the big toys. She was thrilled!

Enough driving, let's eat!


Here's Tinky playing with her little slidey toy (what do they call these?!) Mostly I took the picture because this little dress is just so cute! I think it has pants and a stripey top that go with it, but I liked it with Elisabeth's chubby little legs clad in white tights too.

Davey has been practicing his harmonica all week. He's getting really good with it, though his favorite is still his "tar". He likes to either play it while I sing (and then clap and shout "hooray" for me), or play it and make up long and detailed songs. I SO predict my son is going to be a worship leader. Or the next Mac Powell (I can dream!)

Being and Ashlie: After nap he wanted me to take a picture of him with his little leather horse that great-aunt Anny gave him before he was born. This was her toy when she was little so it's probably close to 60 years old!

The weather was supposed to clear up on Wednesday. It didn't quite get sunny, but at least it wasn't raining. So we tested the stroller by walking around our "block"...really about two blocks south, four blocks west, and so on in a square. They seemed to like the stroller. In fact, Davey kept asking to go in outside in the stroller. YAY!

I don't have any pictures, but on Thursday, I decided to walk down to Andrew's work and meet him (I go out on Thursdays and need the car. I thought I'd save some time and my sanity and get out for a walk). Andrew called just as we were almost at Canadian Tire, so we turned around and met him at Chapters. Not bad for half an hour of walking...but next time I think we'll go the whole way! In the time he took to shut down his laptop and pack up, I'm sure I could have made it there!