Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Who needs Mike Holmes? I've got my own Mr. Fix it right here at home. What a great helper he is!!

Our bookshelves arrived just as Andrew was leaving for Vancouver so Davey and I decided to ride with him (so he could use the HOV lane.) While Andrew was at his meeting, Davey and I went to Lonsdale Quay and wandered around. Here's Davey enjoying a So Nice Soy Frozen Dessert in Chocolate. Mnnnn

YUM my.

There were a LOT of boats on the water today. It was cool watching them, but too bad most of the quay was closed so you couldn't sit anywhere with a great view of the ocean.

Me and Davey leaving Lonsdale Quay.

We had to wait in the car for a while for Andrew, so I gave Davey the camera to play with. He spent quite a bit of time looking at it and taking the cap on and off, and then holding it up to his face and saying, "mumma, Cheeeeese". All of a sudden he holds it out to me, "help mum. Help".I realised he wanted me to take pictures of HIM. So. Here is my little poseur loving the camera.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Davey and Daddy at the Fraser River. Supposedly we were going for a "walk" but we ended up spending a lot of time throwing things in various bodies of water. Fun times though. Afterwards we had lunch and when we came out from lunch our car had died. We did finally manage to start it again, but we're not sure exactly what was wrong. We bring it to the shop tomorrow so here's hoping it was just the battery!!

Throwing rocks in the river.

So. Where's lunch?!

Mawm? What IS this?!

yo yo wass up??

Picking buttercups with daddy.

You put your soosy in, you take your soosy out, you put your soosy in then you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey....

WAAAAAA hooooo

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And you thought blueberries made a mess...

Hey! What are you doing???

Good idea dad, think I'll give that one a try...

Good thing his grandmas can't see him in this state. Oy YOY yoy.

Babies Galore

Crazy stuff. Four people I know had babies this weekend. Three girls and a boychild. Wow.

Congratulations to Jamie and Kelly who read this site (though probably not for a while now that they have other things to occupy them) and to Kim and the Rehmans who don't, but deserve some well dones anyway.

I happened to bump into the girl I affectionately call my doppelganger today. It's not so much that people would mistake us for each other, though she is the same height and general build as me. But when I quit my job a few years ago, I was back in the office one day and nearly fell over when I saw my replacement. She had the same hairdo and glasses (practically) as me, and my sister's name! When I had Davey, she had a boy. When I sold my civic, she sold her civic (same colour, year and model as mine) and now that I'm having a girl, she's having one too. How weird is that?!?

And in keeping with babies being born, Joe and Gaynor who gave birth to Peter two weeks after Davey was born, are expecting a child two weeks after Tink (they have three boys so far, I'll be interested to see if the girl trend continues, or if they have one of the only boys for 2006); Natasha is having a baby in December; Claudia is having a baby in December; most of the moms in Ashlie's kindergarten class are having babies this fall;Amanda is too and there's one other that's still a secret but that's due late fall/early winter too. I yi yi.

Our nurseries runneth over.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Andrew managing to look incredibly cute while he eats his grilled cheese and tomato soup. remind me of someone...

Mummy's not feeling so great today. So she didn't eat lunch, she just made faces.

Oops, forgot to pray for my sandwich. Better do it now!

Yah, Davey didn't know what to make of this bear either.

As part of his obsession with climbing, Davey MUST climb every bench he encounters. There were four in a row here and he climbed them all.

We stopped in Lugano, (I've been LONGING to go back to the Lugano/Locarno/Ascona region) and got some chocolate. Mnnnnn...but the lady running the store loved Davey so much he got FREE chocolate AND FREE gelato.

Davey's first job: Driving the icecream truck. Mnnnnnnnnn

The other night I had such a hard time sleeping, so I had a nap during the day. Here's Davey reading me a story to help me fall asleep. What a sweetie.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just for you Mamma

A certain someone was complaining about how boring Sundays are: nothing on TV, no one updates their blogs...etc. Well, I don't have anything new to post, but how about a trip down memory lane??

Ashlie on September 27/04

Jadey on the same day...doesn't she look little??

Davey, just after his VERY FIRST bath, on October 16/04

Cause I know you miss your boys...

Ashlie at the Aquarium...I don't know when this is from, but before Davey was born...

The three kids, around Christmas '04

And, finally, this time last year....

Any one know the answer to this?

I've been looking at cribs and strollers etc. and Target just seems to be the place to shop all things baby. Their prices are often half of prices in Canada.

My question: Does anyone know how to figure out how much duty you have to pay if you buy something in the States and bring it across?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Freshly arriven at the beach. Jade was very proud of how she could kick up a dust storm along the path. Posted by Picasa

Hello there. Posted by Picasa

Davey showing off for Jade. Posted by Picasa

As you can see, he failed to impress. Posted by Picasa

Looking for marine life. All that we saw here was dead crabs though. So sad. Though later, when we went to the water's edge, there were quite a few jellyfishy things. Scary. Glad we all had new water shoes to wear. Posted by Picasa

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