Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday was busy too

Oh, who am I kidding? We're ALWAYS busy!

Sunday afternoon Andrew decided he wanted to visit Tsawassen since we'd had so many nice things to say about our trip with Uncle Dave. We parked near the mall and walked around. I seriously felt like we were on vacation somewhere. These buildings were so reminiscent of being in Whistler.

Turns out this was a Seniors Development that has shops in the bottom and is literally in the parking lot of the mall. While I think this is an awesome idea, I was kind of bummed out that we couldn't move there.

Isn't it gorgeous? I think I freaked out all the seniors. There were a lot of them sitting around chatting and then I came with my talkativeness and camerahappy-ness and they all ran away.

We visited Toys and Tech and spent ages looking at everything in the store, then we went to Albany Books were the kids each got a comic. Then, a lady in a van veered over to Andrew (scared him I think!) and gave us this Radio Flyer Trike. Said she was on her way to the thrift store and did we want it. She seemed pretty suburban mom, so we trusted it wasn't stolen and said a resounding THANKS! Tink loves it!

Then we decided to try and find the beach. Oh my goodness, I'm in LOVE~!

So was Davey.

Andrew was in heaven. There's so much driftwood on this peninsula. He says next time he's bringing gloves and maybe a wheelbarrow for moving the wood.

Me and the kids built our houses on a smaller scale:

This is Andrew's.

Davey put a roof on his.

Cool sea bulbs.
Tink promptly grabbed it and squished it.

There were lots and lots of wild flowers growing too.

And a playground. We might have to move here even if we can't get in the seniors complex!

And someone who did NOT want to go home...

And, here's the garden. The broccoli is growing.

So is the corn.

Here's the broccoli, the leeks and the peas.

And the butternut squash.

The cucumbers.
And a snapshot of the whole garden (minus the herbs, peppers and tomatoes we've got growing on the balcony.)

Saturday was a busy day

Saturday morning was Langley's Community Days parade. We didn't quite make it in time for the start of the parade, but apparently it was a long one anyway. I'm not sure why that's a problem, but we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality and are looking forward to catching the whole thing next year!

Here's a few pictures I took. The marching bands are my favorite!

The free candy was the kids' favorite. I was just glad that we didn't get some from everyone who was giving it away!

After that we headed to Chilliwack to our friends the Abelmans. This is Charlise, their neice.

And Tinker and Mayah.

The trampoline is always a huge hit.

As are the two pools. My kids prefer the wading pool though...

David loves the transformers. He thinks Riley is the coolest kid/girl ever because she has them.

The men and the kids and the horses.

Riley swinging the boys on the gate.

Right after this picture was taken, David fell face first and landed with his leg caught on the ladder. He's obviously growing up though, because he didn't even cry. Even though I had to help him untangle himself!

THEN we went to Birchwood Dairy. Cool place, but my ice cream wasn't delicious. Andrew ate it for me.

The kids loved their bubblegum ice cream though.

The donkey eats Dryden.