Saturday, June 30, 2007


This day in 2005...Davey was 8 and a half months old here. He'd already been to Ontario, had Chicken Pox and in a few weeks we'd be leaving for our road trip to Colorado. That's lot to pack in to such a short time!!

This time last year. I thought I was going to post a picture of Tinkie too, but I guess she hadn't arrived yet. How odd. Anyway, I can't believe how much Davey has grown up since then.

This is an excerpt on his talking last summer,
"I brown"
"I strong"
"I WANT FRIES!!!" implied give 'em to me NOW or else!" (You may recall Davey took his first steps for fries and will now speak in complete sentences for fries)
"Toe hurt"
"You hurt? Owie? I toe hurt" and various sympathetic noises

Whereas now he speaks in full sentences and holds very intelligent conversations with you. Amazing how much they change in a year. I'm s glad I have this blog so I can go back and see just how much!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm so glad the long weekend is almost here!

My brother Dave just left for Green Lake. He's going to visit my dad for about a week.

Since it's his camera I've been stealing to take pictures and update my blog (and he took his camera with him) that means there won't be any pictures on here till he's back. At least, not new ones.

I got quite a few comments on the blog revamp. Thank you. That cute little bear picture was blatantly stolen from someone else's site so I've finally found a picture I can use for a header instead. And ended up changing everything else too.


I never really say anything on this blog until my camera gets taken away and then suddenly I feel a need to fill the empty space (left by a lack of pictures) with my words.

If you can believe it (because I can't!) Elisabeth will be 11 months old in a week. I've had an idea in my head for her birthday party for about a month now. It's starting to come together, but I'm hesitant to start inviting people. Cause that means I'll actually have to have it and again, believe it or not, I've never hosted a party that people other than family have come to. At least not on my own. And for an introverted recluse like me, that's a big deal.

Anyway, she's 10 months and three weeks old and as of today:

  • She splits her time about 50-50 between crawling and scooting. She actually started out scooting and that remains her favorite method of getting around when she is outside, on a rough surface or wearing anything that bares her knees (she's smart is this one!) But she's getting faster and faster at crawling too now that she's decided it's an acceptable mode of getting about.
  • She still only has two teeth - although her third has broken through and there are about three more which are this close to breaking through too. One of her top middle teeth is definitely showing white through the gums, but hasn't actually broken through yet. The one that has broken through is another bottom chomper.
  • Yesterday Kathi ran upstairs to answer the phone and pulled our door shut but not closed. Elisabeth pulled it open and (I was changing David so I sent Jade to see where she was) made it up about three steps. Today on two separate occasions she pulled the door open and once was about half way up the stairs when I caught her. To our knowledge she'd never been on stairs to crawl up them before.
  • She says "what's that" (sounds more like 'sthat?'), mama, dada, day day (for davey), uh oh, hah hah HAH, and on my mum's birthday she said something that sounded exactly like "happy birthday"
  • She can sit up and pull herself to standing and loves walking around furniture. When she's engrossed in playing she often will stand without holding on to anything, but no steps yet.
David is getting molars and as far as I can tell it must hurt like the dickens! He's been getting them for quite some time now which means he's a fountain of drool again (in fact, he napped in our bed this afternoon and when he woke up there was a huge pool of wet from drool. YUCK! He's also not eating much when they're at their worst so he's getting very tall and skinny. He's fitting the best in size three right now though I still stuff him into old size 2 shorts from last summer occasionally and for pants the size three is starting to look a bit short (which reminds me, Elisabeth has pretty much made the transition from size 12 months to size 18 months. But since most of her summer clothes are between the two sizes, and short skirts are "in" for babies this season...)

David talks up a storm. According to strangers he talks better than most three year olds, but I always tell them he hangs out with a three and a half year old girl and a bunch of women all day. Of course he's going to talk well. He sings constantly and makes up his own songs. He likes to make believe and that has it's good and bad points. He's so creative but sometimes his imagination makes him more scared than he probably should be. He's decided he's scared of trains now, but we're hoping that will pass.

Anyway, looks like dinner is ready (the bbq chef is making signs that way...) so I'm off to eat!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tinky loves this car. In fact, all three kids love it, but Tinky thinks she's a big girl when she's driving it!
Andrew fixing our car this weekend.

And Davey fixing his bike:
Then he saw dad was having some trouble so he decided to give him a hand.

I think I mentioned a while ago that we had a LOT of work done on our car. Just over a grand worth I think with a list of about another $1500 that needed to be done. Well I found a copy of the manual for our car at the library and Andrew did some research and decided to replace the bearings himself. The lady at the garage had said we could go till fall with our current ones, but I guess we've been driving too much and they fused to the casings.

Well, luckily Andrew had read you can take the piece in to a garage and they'll remove it for you and put the new one in (for $30) and he got the piece at Lordco for about $ a job they were going to charge us almost $200 for...not so much. Now we just need to find a good tire sale!

While Andrew worked on the car I took the kids for a walk. Normally I'd have been putting them to bed, but they had a late nap and it was a nice evening.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Mamma!

I always thought my mum was the most beautiful woman on earth (you can see why).

As a child I thought she was the most creative and fun person around...she would tell stories from her childhood and I would try to be just like her...even the naughty stories (like chasing other kids with worms and your playground cop days).

Later I grew to realize that you're not just beautiful, fun, creative (and a bit spunky). You're also one of the wisest, most giving, thoughtful people I know.

I am so blessed to have you for a mother and I hope you know just how much you are loved. Happy birthday mamma!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mommy and Davey date day

Yesterday, while Daddy watched Elisabeth for me, Davey and I went to the Zoo. We left just before 12 noon...and just as I turned onto 264th, this is what I saw in my review....

But he was quite happy to wake up and go to the zoo, so in we went. The whole purpose of our trip was to ride the train, but the first ticket we could get was for we decided to walk around.

For the first time ever, both the giraffes we re out while I was there. But one was especially friendly.

I do mean friendly!!

Davey wasn't quite sure he should be riding on the giraffe though.

We got to the tiger enclosure and not only was the tiger doing a little show, he was growling the whole time too. SCARY!

The jaguar was out and prowling too. And then we got to the baboon enclosure. This old guy was desperately hoping for a snack.

Hazina and her new friend were out suntanning.

Davey liked this hippo best.

And he was very interested in this upturned tree. Lately he says, "we're going on a journey mamma." And that's what he said as we trekked off into the BC type part of the zoo.

Looking at the hipppos from the other side. I might add...Davey walked the whole zoo by himself. I was mighty impressed (and grateful!)

"I run to my mummy!"

Then we got to the train. He decided he was too scared to ride. I think that's our fault for putting him on that carnival ride last weekend. Hopefully he'll forget his fear quickly since he loves trains so much.

Today Davey and I get to go on another Mommy Davey Date...this time to the movies!

For those of you who are interested (Mum & Kat) I updated my crafty blog finally.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here is tinker visiting with an Abbotsford cat this afternoon.

She's not sure about that cat...

But Davey seemed to like him. He was such a friendly cat. And really liked strokes.

Here Davey is telling me about how he fell over and scraped his elbow.

But somehow it turned into a story about how he lost (and found) his arm...

Laughing at his hilarious story...

Back to Tinker and the cat:

Snacking on butter cups.

Then she wanted to stand with daddy.

But when Davey saw me taking a picture, he wanted to come and be in one too.