Friday, February 10, 2017

Burnaby Village Museum (also, I didn't realize how far behind I was with my blogging)

I guess I wasn't quite done with my Christmas blogging.

We had plans to meet up with friends of mine from university on the 28th. We thought Rob and Eireen were heading home that day, but they decided to join us. And so did Ashlie, Jade and Rachel. Yay!

We decided to start with a carousel ride, which meant walking past these wooly cows.

 And then we rode the horsies!

 Okay, so as you can tell, the kids decided to ham it up for my pictures!

 After the carousel ride, we found Julius, Elsa and their kids and headed to the cafeteria for some lunch.

 Oh yeah, Camille. She's a riot!

 It was a cold, miserable day (isn't it always when we go to Burnaby Village Museum?)

 We always seem to head straight to the general store. I love looking around in there. I think it reminds me of England.

We mosey through the exhibits until we found a make and do. The kids all made Christmas bags.

 We found the toy room...

While the kids played with the toys, I wandered up to the cabin for a picture of these bears.

 And then we attended school

 We slowly began to make our way back to the carousel. It's the best part after all.

 Okay, we may have stopped to ride the tram first.

 At some point I must have changed the focus on my camera from auto to manual and not noticed. Argh!

 Eventually I got things straight again.

 Beautiful dancing ladies.