Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today was a VERY busy day

Some doomsayers are calling for rain tomorrow till Friday. So Davey and I decided to make a break for the beach right after dropping Andrew off at work. It was REALLY REALLY REALLY cold (only because of the wind, the sun was warm), but SO worth the trip. Posted by Picasa

I can never say it enough. I live in the most beautiful place on earth.  Posted by Picasa

Perfection. Posted by Picasa

That's sand flying. About half the time Davey will empty sand into the bucket. The rest of the time he likes to shake it everywhere. Yah. We both got covered in it today. Posted by Picasa

the funniest thing: I actually got to see Davey remember that logs are for walking on. He was playing beside the log, looked at it, and it was like the light went on. SO funny.  Posted by Picasa

Practicing his technique walking on logs Posted by Picasa

AWWWWWW Posted by Picasa

Running away. Posted by Picasa

All of a sudden Davey turned to me and asked to be picked up. Time to go home? I've never had him ask to go home before. I guess the lack of sleep last night (he was up from 1-3am) and all the excitement of this morning were too much for him.  Posted by Picasa

With the weather being what it has been lately, I've TOTALLY been craving frappacinos. Today I compromised and got a booster juice smoothie instead. Only Davey wouldn't let me have any of it. When he finally fell asleep on the way home I snaffled it back only to find he'd polished off 2/3s of the smoothie. Good thing I'd intended to share... Posted by Picasa

Slide guy Posted by Picasa

Jadey and Ashlie both love wearing hats. At least, they do when they're at my house. I don't know if they wear hats when they're supposed to (katt?) I hope my girl loves hats. Cause I sure do. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

It's a great thing, and a scary thing, when your kids don't need you anymore. Sad that I'm finding this out already. Davey can now climb all the way up and get himself down the slide. No problems, no fear. Mamma just has to cheer him on. Posted by Picasa

LOOK OUT BELOW! Posted by Picasa

Monkey See: Monkey Do. Copying his mother. Only mine was on the side. Posted by Picasa

I had a dandelion in my hair so Jadey wanted one in hers too. Doesn't she look a picture of sweetness?! Posted by Picasa

The kids pick dandelions.  Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Sunscreen makes for great curl enhancer.  Posted by Picasa

After all the running around he did today, Davey needed LOTS of snack breaks. Here he has some frozen blueberries and an eggo waffle.  Posted by Picasa

Snackin' on the go. Posted by Picasa

Staticky slide makes for GREAT fauxhawk. Posted by Picasa

Momma decided to get Davey some new shades today. He really liked them at first, though this is his preferred way of wearing them, but after a few minutes decided they were a pain. *sigh*  Posted by Picasa

Making some adjustments to his bike before hopping on. Posted by Picasa