Sunday, March 27, 2016

After days and days of rain, and then more crafting, we decided to take a break on Saturday and head to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.

There's a gorgeous Shoreline Walk you can do that leads around the inlet.

There are bridges and boardwalks and you walk through forest and marsh and along the ocean. It's beautiful and every part is different.

It seems a great many other people had the same idea as us, and who could blame them?!

The tide was out, which made for some very interesting shore line.

And a lot of photo ops. "You shall not pass!"

Elisabeth was totally into the photo shoot...most of the time. You can see in the photo above that she zoned out while I was trying to figure out my focus and depth of field.

But then she got right back into it later.

Even setting up her own poses.

These two mostly just hammed.

Oh I forgot to talk about the duck blinds. I can see how you would get some good duck hunting here.

While the guys wrestled, or whatever that is, Elisabeth whittled.

And then we were back at Rocky Point and I took pictures of flowers.

On the way home, I wanted to drive to Belcarra Regional Park to see what it was like.

It's worth the drive.

And even though we only spent a couple of minutes there, I can hardly wait to go back.

Redwood Park

The kids went to spring break camp at Fort Langley the first week of spring break. As one of the more affordable camp options, I was so happy that it was also so rad. The kids had a blast learning how to make and build and do and especially firing guns (air soft and not musket - I think!!) The volunteers there are awesome and this is probably worth a post of it's own. I'll pull up the picture from my cell and do that.

Week two of spring break, I booked off work so I could focus on crafting. I have a market coming up in May, and a new art store in Port Moody ordered 20 block sets to sell in their store. So I didn't plan on leaving my cave. However, on Tuesday the weather was just so beautiful and my lungs hurt from all the sawdust and stain fumes so I knew we had to get outside.

I called our neighbors and begged them to drive us to Redwood Forest.

Where the kids decided they needed to be hanging from a tree. And none of them could make it in on their own, so they tried team work.

Which made for some hilarious photos.

A cute photo.
And a serious one.

Then it was off to play!

While the two littlest swung, the two biggest played in the forest. David is trying to hunt Nate here, but can you see Nate?

Eventually Elisabeth and Griffin got tired of swinging and decided to mount an attack on Nate and David.

Then Ruben and Ada showed up at the park and I ditched the bench to chase toddlers!

Griffin and Elisabeth faithfully chased Ada the whole rest of the time we were here. Herding her and suggesting activities, but so patient with her 3 year old temperament.

Meanwhile, this little guy led his mother on a race around the park.

Pausing only briefly to bounce with all the big kids.

And then I introduced him to the spinny cups. And he was entranced.

Both spinning and being spun.

But, I got bored, so we went to swing on the saucers.

And then we went for a run!