Friday, January 07, 2011

A little conversation overheard on the playground:

Amy: I'm going to marry David when I grow up.
David: AHHHHHHH...okay.

David: But you'll have to stay home and look after our kids because I'm going to get a job.
Amy: I don't care. I'll just get a babysitter and I'm going to work too.


David: I'm going to make furniture when I grow up. Elisabeth asked me to make her a purple princess couch, but I'm going to make book cases too and I'm going to paint roses on some of them.
Amy: I want a rose couch!
David: Okay
Amy: And can you paint our house pink?
David: Okay....I don't even like pink.
Me: Amy, if he's willing to paint your whole house pink for you, you'd better snap him up!
Amy: Okay. What does that mean?