Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Snowy Stroll around Fort Langley

It was a beautiful snowy day, so we decided to take the family up to Fort Langley for a little stroll around the antique mall. Of course, we had to stretch out the trip a bit so we parked a few blocks away and walked around the village first.

No trip to Fort Langley is complete without a trip to Gasoline Alley and Roxanne's! David found a little flat cap by the Hatman of Ireland, the same company his other flat cap is by. It was on clearance for 40% off and David told us he wasn't going to leave the store until we bought him that hat...well needless to say, he did leave without the hat. But it really did look very good on him. He's got the hat gene like his mama.

As much as I love trying on hats inside the store, my favorite place to look is always the bargain baskets outside the store:

Andy just suits the absent minded professor look so well.

We finally tore ourselves away from Roxanne's and kept going to the Antique Mall. Where I feel like I didn't get to look at anything at all. Maybe Andrew and I can sneak away without the kids sometime for a stroll through there.

I did manage to spot this little guy while we were in the store though. Back when we lived in England, all four of us kids opened bank accounts at the NatWest on Ryde Highstreet. We each got one of these piggies and then you would get a new one as you reached certain milestones. I don't have mine left...

Lizzie thought this house looked like it was made from Lincoln Logs.

Tea in Fort Langley.

Davey had a rice krispie as big as his head!

They didn't want to sit with us. How rude!

That's one big boot!