Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm back

It's been a long time, blog friends. And while I would love to update you on everything we've been up to the last 13 or 14 months, the truth is it's just more of the same.

I got a job. Full time. Add that to everything else I do, and I'm a very busy girl.

Andrew got a new job. He started programming again. Turns out he's still very good at it. And he still loves it. Plus, we work at the same place again.

David is in Grade Three. Last year was a hard year for David at school, but thankfully this year seems to be going much better. We are happy.

And Elisabeth is in Grade One. She comes home from school most days claiming that, "Mrs. Lewis is the BEST TEACHER EVER!" so we think she's having a good year too.

Lizzie got her bangs cut, but she's growing out the rest of her hair. Long hair = beautiful in her books.

David. He's just cute.

And I got my hair cut too. I already want to get it cut again - shorter.

While my brother Rob was off in Hawaii getting married, and dad was there watching, we raided dad's house and toured the island. We went to Fisgard Lighthouse and the Fort.

 And saw a bear.

We ate ice cream.

 And saw a monster.

 oh, here's Fisgard Lighthouse.

Then we went up island and saw some really big trees.

 And toodled around Sidney too.

Where I took pictures of my almost - birthday boy.

And the kids got their pictures taken in Halloween Costumes (that was once we were back on the mainland again!)

And that about sums up our crazy month!