Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ruben Sleeps over

Back in April Ada got really sick. So sick that she had to make a trip to emergency. Thankfully, it was just a really bad case of croup. But while she and her parents waited to get in to see a doctor, Ruben got to come and play with us.

 Which of course meant that I got to take lots of pictures of my little nephew.

 Ruben is the sweetest little man. He's so peaceful and relaxed and very easy to handle. I was kind of stressed about having to feed him and get him to fall asleep when I couldn't just call his mom and beg her to rescue me.

  But I needn't have worried. Ruben was perfect. And when Dave and Alexis finally got home from the hospital, I grabbed Rubey out of his playpen and brought him downstairs and he didn't even wake up.